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#33 - Florida vs Georgia

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Florida vs Georgia
"The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party"
November 1, 2008
Jacksonville Municipal Stadium
Jacksonville, FL

Why?: Full disclosure on this one, I don't really get excited about this game like everyone else in the SEC does. Maybe it's because Florida has pretty much owned UGA for the past two decades, but I just can't get up for this one. This year it should definitely be a great game, though, and both teams have a very good chance of being undefeated going into it making it a pretty important match as far as determining both the SEC and the National Title picture.

Who do I think will win?: I'm going to have to go with Georgia on this one. Florida will be terrifying on offense again, but they desperately need some defense and all the injuries to their already bad secondary means the Gators will probably have a lot of trouble with stopping the pass again this year.

Who do I hope will win?: Toss up. I don't have a lot of feelings for or against either team, but do like a lot of each team's fans, so good luck to all of them.