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#32 - Oregon vs Boise State

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Oregon vs Boise State
September 20, 2008
Autzen Stadium
Eugene, OR

Why?: Boise is on the national radar now, and despite this being a BCS vs Mid-Major match up, it's two programs well known for their offensive prowess squaring off and should be an exciting game to watch.

Who do I think will win?: Interestingly, both teams have 5 offensive and 7 defensive starters returning, though the Ducks have to replace not only their QB, but their leading rusher and two of three starting receivers. Boise, in comparison, is pretty well set with RB Ian Johnson and the top four receivers returning for the Broncos. Boise should win the WAC again this year, and this game is key for them if they want to get back into a BCS game for the second time in three years (and be the first non-BCS team to have two BCS appearances), so this game is huge for them. With no QB settled at Oregon and question marks at RB and WR so early in the season, I'm going with Boise for the upset on this one.

Who do I hope will win?: Watching Dennis Dixon was a thing of beauty last season, even with the blinding uniforms, and I kind of grew fond of the Ducks, enough so that they were a go to team for me when playing others in NCAA 08 (why does everything come back to that stupid game for me?!). It's not that I necessarily have anything against Boise, but I'm going with the Ducks here. They're just more fun.