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Anthony Steen Commits

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The recruiting momentum just does not seem to be slowing for Alabama, as the latest news is that Anthony Steen has committed to play for the Tide. His commitment marks the fifth commitment for Alabama in the past week, and the thirteenth thus far in the 2009 recruiting class.

Steen is an offensive guard prospect out of Clarksdale, Mississippi, and drew major interest on the recruiting trails. He had offers from Alabama, Miami, Florida State, and all of the major Mississippi schools. At 6'4 and 295 pounds, Steen is already quite a physical specimen, and time in a collegiate S&C program should really turn him into a physical beast. Both recruiting services have him rated as a high three-star prospect, and he has a very good chance of getting a fourth star with both. We were recruiting him pretty hard early on, but his stock went through the roof when he put on a dominating performance at an Alabama camp in June.

Though Steen grew up in western Mississippi near the Arkansas border, he actually grew up an Alabama fan. Both of his parents are Alabama fans, and he said earlier in the process that he felt everything was just pulling him towards Tuscaloosa. He was always a guy on the horizon who we could have probably gotten had we wanted him, and now he is ours. With him on board, that will probably be the end of the road for offensive guard prospects in this class. We did look to be the frontrunner for Johnnie Farms earlier, but we (along with Florida and Georgia) have cooled on him recently, and with the addition of Steen, that should wrap things up both with Farms and the guard position.

When asked what it was like to visit The Universty of Alabama, Steen replied, "[I]t is like going to heaven..."