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Crimson and White Roundtable: Alabama Gameday Edition

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Alabama Gameday took the reigns this week, so here we go.

Which non-conference home-and-home series would you most like to see?

Two possibilities. First, Miami. I've had Da U on the brain lately after winning a particularly thrilling defensive slugfest in NCAA '08 with the roommate (it was the FSU rivalry game, which wound up being a 10-7 affair with my only TD coming from the defense, much like a real Miami-FSU game these days), and we're both dominating programs fallen on hard times yet trending upwards. Second possiblity, FAMU. Yeah, yeah, they're a 1AA team (and not even a good one at that), but who wouldn't want to see this at BDS?

Which of the following is the most likely win for Alabama this year: LSU, Tennessee or Auburn?

Tough call on this one since they are all rivalry games and there's no telling what might happen between now and then. Personally, I think we can win them all, but we'll need a lot of luck and some miraculous coaching to do it, and there's the very real possibility that we could lose all three of those. But since you asked, the most likely would probably be Auburn. They'll have a ridiculously good defense and offensive line returning, sure, but I'm not buying the Kodi Burns hype just yet (seriously, he couldn't lock down the starting job in the spring despite a new offense that he's supposedly made for?) and I couldn't name you a single wide receiver on the team off the top of my head (wait, Tim Hawthorne, but only because he played for Homewood. Has he even seen the field for Auburn yet?), so until we see how the season starts shaking out, I'm pretty confident the streak ends this season and we'll finally get some blessed peace from our wayward neighbors.

Who will be the #2 quarterback coming out of Fall practice?

There's no question that McElroy is the #2 guy and will be the rest of the season. Saban is a program builder, and he's not going to waist a redshirt year on Star Jackson just to have him out there running some gimmick option plays three or four times a game. That's what Burton Scott is for (oh, snap!). Anyway, I know everyone has had their "how sucky must McElroy be if he couldn't overtake Wilson for the start last year?" say, but I honsetly have some faith in the kid and believe the staff does, too. Texas Tech wanted him to run their Air Raid offense, so you know he can throw, this staff let him switch to the #12 jersey (though I'm perfectly willing to bet that the significance of an Alabama QB wearing #12 probably doesn't really register with them), he was never in any danger from Fanuzzi or Darrah during the spring, and Saban himself singled out McElroy as the guy most able to step in and fill Wilson's shoes immediately should he, God forbid, go out with an injury during a game. So yeah, Star Jackson and all that, but McElroy is the guy, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he locks down the start next spring after Wilson has graduated.

I just went out on a limb for you, you goofy looking son of a gun. Don't let me down.

If you could swap any two SEC schools for any other schools in the Southeast, which would they be?

Alabama Gameday assumed everyone would kick Vandy out, but as a big fan of tradition I wouldn't dare do such a thing. Instead, so long South Carolina and Arkansas. It's been sixteen years since they joined the conference, and yet I still often forget SC is even in the league, and even though Arkansas has been quite the nemesis for us, I wouldn't be sad to see them go either. They too just feel kind of wrong. So I say we bring back Georgia Tech and also welcome Louisville to the fold. Ga. Tech because there's a ton of history there, and Louisville since, well, the only other options that would fit in the western division I could think of off the top of my head were Memphis and Tulane and both would be a blow to the football profile compared to Arkansas, though Memphis would up the basketball profile, even if they are a bunch of cheaty cheat cheater thugs and I hate them so.