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UA Hires Dave Hart

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After doing installments of the Franchione saga, apparently a lot of you guys like the "behind-the-scenes" stuff, and here's a new bit for you...

It is being reported by the Tuscaloosa News that UA has hired Dave Hart as an associate athletic director. Hart is an Alabama graduate, and played under C.M. Newton on the 1971 Alabama basketball team. He previously served as athletic director at Florida State from 1995-2007.

Interestingly enough, Hart was largely considered the frontrunner for the AD job when it came open at UA in 1995. He was the favorite candidate by most, and if I remember correctly Stallings himself actually said several years on down the road that he would have loved to have had Hart come on board. Unfortunately, Hart had UA ties and Sorensen wanted to go outside of the program, and hence Bockrath was hired.

Regardless of the history, this is a pretty big development. Hart would have taken the AD job had we offered over a decade ago, and he has 24 years of experience as an athletic director -- plus he is young enough to still have several years left in the tank. Things can change, of course, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he is ultimately promoted to AD once Mal decides to step aside.