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If this doesn't illustrate the depth problems...

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...from last year, I don't know what will. I was just reading the CFN preview for Alabama, and at the end they have this fun stat:

First quarter scoring: Alabama 117 – Opponents 44

It made me think of what I wrote about the Pass D after last season:

The biggest problem, of course, was the front seven...the lack of depth generally meant that we stopped getting consistent pressure on the QB after a quarter and a half or so. Alabama finished 73rd in the nation and fifth in the SEC with 1.85 sacks per game, and I'd wager dollars to donuts that they were typically earned in the first half of play. Anyone that recalls the early going against Arkansas, Houston, and Colorado saw what the Nick Saban defense is supposed to look like, i.e. blitzes coming from anywhere imaginable, QBs forced to make too quick decisions, and roving LBs playing underneath blanketed receivers trying to fight off tight press coverage from the secondary. Both the Houston and Colorado games provided perfect templates for the kind of game plan we should be seeing from Alabama for the foreseeable future once the talent level is upgraded, but for now this team is only able to hold up to the kind of physical strain demanded of the new coaching staff and their system for so long. Which brings us to the second problem; the secondary just wasn't good enough to hold their coverages while the QB was given all day long to find an open man...

Fresh bodies. We need them.