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#30 - LSU vs Appalachian State

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LSU vs Appalachian State
August 30, 2008
Tiger Stadium
Baton Rouge, LA

Why?: National Champions vs National Champions baby! Plus, we're all morbidly curios to see if the Mountaineers can pull off another stunning upset of a top ten ranked team in their home stadium to open the season.

Who do I think will win?: LSU. Appy State's win last year was a combination of arrogance on Michigan's part and weird, streaky luck. I'm not saying that they won't put up a hell of a fight and maybe even keep it close for most of the game, but when it comes down to it if the Michigan game had been played ten times I'd happily bet that the Wolverines would win the other nine.

Who do I hope will win?: You'd think I would go with the Mountaineers here since an LSU loss to a 1AA team would give us the opportunity to say "at least ULM is a 1A team," but that would be a huge black eye for the conference, so geuaueaioueaox tigers or whatever.