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Weekend forecast comes early...

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...while real life rudely intrudes. Countdown resumes Saturday, Word of the Day on Monday, and if Nico doesn't get a Random Ten thread up tomorrow morning, then one of you scamps can take care of it in the fanposts.

I'll be on with Dale Jackson of WVNN (770am/92.5fm) of Huntsville tomorrow morning at 8:00 to plug Yea Alabama and talk a little Tide football, so if you're in the area be sure to tune in, or if you're not in the area you can listen in at their website. ED.- WVNN apparently had a lightning strike last night, knocking them off the air until earlier this morning, and they are still unable to take calls. I'll let you know when I'm rescheduled for early next week. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend. Ladies, Emmy Award winning beefcake after the jump.

That Glenn Close is one handsome fella.