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BOOK UPDATE: On Sale Information for Yea Alabama 2008


Here's the latest on sale info we have for Yea Alabama 2008:

You can order over the internet directly from the publisher at Maple Street Press. Here is the product page for Yea Alabama 2008. It will also be available via, but isn't up on their site just yet. We will let you know when that option is available.

As far as buying it at a store goes, it will be available on July 15th at bookstores and newsstands throughout Alabama. Basically, you should be able to find it any place you find football preview magazines: Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Wal-Mart, pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.

Though the official on-sale date for stores is 7/15, Maple Street Press is shipping immediately if you order from them and we've also seen it for sale at the Books-A-Million in Brookwood Mall in Birmingham (I guess they just couldn't wait.)

Here is the table of contents:

Letter From the Editors

A Work In Progress: The 2008 Alabama Roster
by Todd Jones

Five Steps to Rebuilding the Crimson Tide Offense
by Todd Jones

2008 Alabama Roster

Three Plays That Defined the Offensive Struggles
by Johnny "Outside the Sidelines" Johnston

A Quick Glance at Jim McElwain

Starting Over Again: The 2008 Crimson Tide Defense
by Todd Jones

Know Your Enemy: An Overview of Alabama's 2008 Opponents
by Matt Hinton

A Quick Glance at Bobby Williams

2008 Crimson Tide Signing Class: Five Freshmen That Can Make an Immediate Impact in 2008 (and Five More for 2009)
by Todd Jones

A Return to Prominence: What Will It Take?
by Pete Holiday

All-Post-Gene Stallings Team

Saban's Scheduling Philosophy Hearkens Back to Bryant
by T. Kyle King

My, How You've Grown: The SEC Saban Joined vs. The One He Left
by Doug Gillett

A Fish Out of Water: A Pac-10 Fan Travels Through SEC Country
by Jonanthan Tu

Alabama vs. Tennessee: All Time Record: 45-38-7

The Third (or Second or Fourth) Saturday in October
by Joel Hollingsworth

A Cracked History of the Iron Bowl
by Spencer Hall

The 1926 Rose Bowl: Putting Southern Football on the Map
by Joel Gamble

Five Significant Alabama Bowl Games
by Nicole Haas

2008 Alabama Schedule

No Longer Living in the Past: How Nick Saban Has Bama Fans Looking Forward Again
by Joel Gamble