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#19 - Michigan vs Utah

Michigan vs Utah
August 30, 2008
Michigan Stadium
"The Big House"
Ann Arbor, MI

Why?: Another intriguing opening weekend matchup. The Utes should be a good mid-major team this year, while Michigan is converting to a completely different offensive approach sans the personnel to run it, and the first game of the season will go a long way towards telling us how each team should fare throughout the rest of it.

Who do I think will win?: Gut instinct is Utah. They return a lot of talent (I've already broken them down here) and should be very good this year. It's still a mid major going up against a BCS power, though, one that's d-line returns intact and has plenty of experience in the secondary to hopefully keep them in games if the new offense falters terribly. I'll stick with the Utes with the caveat that I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Wolverines survive with a win.

Who do I hope will win?: Utah, duh. Recent unpleasantness aside, it's still a good underdog rooting interest.