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#18 - UCLA vs Tennessee

UCLA vs Tennessee
September 1, 2008
Rose Bowl Stadium
Los Angeles, CA

Why?: SEC/Pac 10, MFers! Plus, it's the Labor Day night game (with Fresno at Rutgers being the early game) and I'll hopefully be so full of grilled meat and sweet tea by kick off that I'll have no other choice than to lay in front of a TV and watch it while desperately trying to hold it all down at the sight of all that putrid orange.

Who do I think will win?: The Vols should fare better on this year's season opening jaunt to the west coast considering the Bruins are breaking in a new head coach and offensive co-ordinator, can't keep a QB upright at the moment, and have to pretty well rebuild their entire offensive line (see inability to keep QB upright). Meanwhile the defense is inexperienced in the secondary while the Vols are going spread heavy with new OC Dave Clawson. It could get ugly for the Bruins quickly.

Who do I hope will win?: Conference loyalty be damned, I'm not pulling for the Vols unless it somehow benefits Alabama. Go Bruins.