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Has the Fullback returned to the Tide offense?

The fullback spot has been a weird one for Alabama ever since Saban's arrival, and it's looking weirder as fall camp goes on. First Huber and Johns were moved over to defense to help out with linebacker depth and word was that the fullback position was being phased out and replaced with an "h-back," or a TE that would either line up in the backfield on short yardage situations at the FB spot (as was the case during the A-Day scrimmage) or would motion back to the FB position from his spot on the line to act as a lead blocker. Jim McElwain's arrival as OC was considered the biggest catalyst in that change since he, apparently, was known to favor using TEs in different roles and didn't use a FB. But now Huber is back on offense working with the running backs, a strange twist since he is a very traditional I-formation fullback (i.e. he blocks and that's about it) that actually played defense and came to Alabama as an end out of high school. Further, when asked about the different "positions" on offense in his press conference yesterday, Saban had this to say:

Then we have a regular personnel group where we have the fullback and a running back. Then we have a three-wideout formation where we have an 'H' and a running back and a tight end and two wideouts in the game. Then we have a 'Y' as a receiver, which is four wideouts. And an 'H' and two receivers.

Emphasis mine, obviously, and I'm sure I'm reading way too much into this, but after griping all season about "why aren't we using a lead blocker?" last year, it perked my ears up.