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#16 - Penn State vs Oregon State

Penn State vs Oregon State
September 6, 2008
Beaver Stadium
State College, PA

Why?: Marquee OOC matchup in week two. Plus, the Beavers in Beaver Stadium. The lowbrow jokes write themselves!

Who do I think will win?: Penn State returns 9 on offense and defense, so just about everyone of significance retursn but the RB and QB. Evan Royster rushed for 518 yds on 82 carries last season (6.3 ypc), so he should be more than capable to step into the starting role at RB, while likely starter at QB Daryll Clark has enough of a supporting cast around him to be at the very least adequate. Oregon State isn't so lucky, though, returning only three starters (all in the secondary) on defense. They should be decent on offense, but playing a tough road game this early in the season doesn't do them any favors. Penn State it is.

Who do I hope will win?: Riley played for Bryant, so you have to root for the former player. Go Beavers.