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Va. Tech in 2009 Getting Closer?

Just read this tasty tidbit over at

"That is something we are working on, still," Moore said. "I think we do have a team that will replace us versus Tulane, which would free us up to play the game in Atlanta versus Virginia Tech. So that is certainly now a possibility. And hopefully we can get all the details of that worked out in the (near) future."

I asked for clarification, and Moore said the team to replace UA on Tulane's 2009 schedule (thus allowing flexibility to open vs. VTech in Atlanta) is BYU. So, there could be a sweet game to open next season.

Unfortunately I read that wrong the first time and thought they were saying we were replacing Tulane with BYU on our schedule, which would have been awesome. Oh well, at least we're getting closer to opening against the Hokies. Fingers crossed people.