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Kickoff Times & TV Confirmations

Since our schedule widget hasn't been updated by the powers that be yet and the official Alabama site isn't up to date either, I figured I'd give y'all a brief rundown on confirmed kickoff times and television for the season (all times central.)

08/30 - Clemson - 7:00 PM - ABC
09/06 - Tulane - 6:07 PM - PPV
09/13 - Western Kentucky - 6:07 PM - PPV

Those are the only three games that are totally locked down as far as TV and kickoff times are concerned.

We know the Georgia game will be on ESPN, but don't have a time yet (though it's likely to be a night game.) It's still listed as TBA on ESPN's site, but this schedule, which is my favorite (and tends to be right about this sort of thing), has it listed as 6:45 PM.

I think we can safely assume Arkansas State will be another PPV affair, unless it goes the way of LA-Monroe last year and isn't televised at all because of conflicting TV contract stuff. I don't know why, but I also get the impression that some people have an opposition to homecoming being at night, so that could be another radio game...or a ridiculously early kickoff. We will see I guess.

Everything else should wind up on non-PPV TV one way or another. Details will be posted here as soon as we find them out.