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Should RBR Take to the (Internet) Airwaves?

The dulcet tones of RBR keep me warm inside!

I've been playing with NowLive the last few days in order to start doing podcasts with other bloggers for the SEC previews (which is what I was hinting at yesterday), and since it is, after all, an internet radio tool I thought I'd put it to you guys on whether or not an actual RBR radio show would be something y'all would be interested in. I've got bloggers lined up for LSU, Tennessee, and Auburn so far, but was generally just going to fly solo for at least Arkansas and Ole Miss (not really a lot we can say about them due to the staff changes) and possibly the rest, but while I'm doing it if you guys would want to call in and chat it could be a fun little experiment. So we'll put it to a vote, and if there's an overwhelming interest we'll start one up right away.