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Nick Fanuzzi Will Transfer

According to Nick Saban in his weekly SEC conference call, he has had discussions with Nick Fanuzzi and has been informed that Fanuzzi intends to transfer.

You hate to see people go, but it should come as no surprise. Fanuzzi was a last-minute signee shortly after Saban arrived (largely due to the influence and connections of Major Applewhite in the greater San Antonio area), but being honest he looked very bad in Spring practice and seemed to have a very limited future. With Star Jackson now in camp, and A.J. McCarron soon to follow, it became pretty obvious that Fanuzzi did not factor into Alabama's long-term plans as anything other than a back-up. Honestly, I would wager that at the moment Fanuzzi was fifth on the QB depth chart behind John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, Star Jackson, and Thomas Darrah. Apparently Fanuzzi saw all of that and decided to transfer.

You hate to see anyone leave, but it's hard to rationally say that this move wasn't the best for both parties. Being quite frank, if Fanuzzi legitimately wants to be a starter, he was in the wrong place. And as for us, this just opens up a scholarship for us to bring in another player that will most likely be a better player.

Either way, I wish Fanuzzi the best at whatever school he decides to attend.