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Depth Chart vs Clemson

Depth chart was finally released (it does exist!), so here we go.


QB: Wilson, McElroy, Jackson OR Darrah
TB: Coffee, Ingram OR Grant, Upchurch
FB: Huber, Griffin
X-WR: J. Jones, Alexander, C. Jackson, Gibson
Z-WR: McCoy, Maze, Stover
SLOT: McCoy, B.J. Scott, Hanks
TE: McCall, Walker, Underwood, Dial OR Smelley
C: Caldwell, Cardwell OR Vlachos
LG: M. Johnson, Motley
RG: M. Davis, D. Ross
LT: A. Smith, B. Jones OR Love
RT: D. Davis, Boswell OR Pharr

DE: Greenwood, Washington, Talbert, Billingsley
DE: Deaderick, Davis OR Dareus
NT: Cody, Chapman, Square
SAM: Reamer, J. Harris OR C. Williams
MIKE: McClain, Higgenbotham, P. Hall (suspended)
WILL: Hightower, C. Jordan, Hester
JACK: Fanney, Anders, Upshaw
LCB: Arenas, M. Johnson, A. Lawrence
RCB: K. Jackson, Rogers OR R. Green
SS: Woodall, Barron
FS: R. Johnson, Sharrief OR T. King

PK: Tiffin, C. Smith
P: Fitzgerald, H. Thomas
PR: Arenas, J. Jones
KR: Arenas and J. Jones
HLD: Fitzgerald
SNAP: Selman

Just some random thoughts:

* Ingram OR Grant? Sounds like young Mr. Ingram has made quite an impact in fall camp. I'd still like to see Grant get some good time as a pass catching option, though. I just like the kid.

* Now I have an answer to the question of how we label the receivers, i.e. X, Z, and Slot. Interesting that McCoy is labeled at starter in both the Z and Slot, while Stover and Hanks, two guys that were expected to really contribute this year, are seemingly buried. With as many receivers as we have, and as many multiple wide sets as we'll run, though, I'm sure they'll still see plenty of time.

* No surprises on the o-line, thankfully.

* Woodall held off Mark Barron for the SS position, but I'm sure we'll be seeing him plenty at Star.

* The d-line is looking pretty stout, with Cody getting the start and Deaderick and Greenwood at end. Washington, Chapman, and Davis also make me warm in inappropriate places. God I love depth up front.

* Reamer to start at outside? Bueno. I love that kid, I hope he has a great year.

* I'm glad Arenas has held onto the CB job opposite Kareem, though I'm worried that Marquis Johnson is his backup while Lawrence is the third guy. Johnson wasn't anything special last year, so hopefully he's improved over the offseason.