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Win A Copy of Yea Alabama 2008: Haiku Contest

This painting by Sesshu has nothing to do with haiku, but who cares, it's awesome.

As the resident eccentric here at RBR, I've devised (what I think) is a fun little contest to give away a couple of copies of Yea Alabama 2008 and to get you extra pumped up for the season (like you actually need help at this point.)

Most of us are aware (at least nominally) of the Japanese poetry form of haiku. We tend to think of it as a rote 17 syllable form broken down in three lines of 5-7-5. It's actually much more complex than that and would require more detail to explain than any of you even remotely care about, so let's just assume that the 17 syllable 5-7-5 form is on the money. Additionally, most traditional haiku have nature or natural elements as their central theme. Similar forms exist that deal with non-nature themes and that's really what I'm after. In particular the senryū form of Japanese poetry generally adheres to the 5-7-5 form, but instead of natural themes, senryū is often cynical, darkly humorous and focuses on human failure.

So...forgive the ramblings and poetry lessons and give me your best three line 5-7-5 poem/haiku/senryū about Alabama football. Tell me how Alabama football is awesome, or how Auburn and/or Tennessee suck, praise the virtues of Bryant or talk about Fulmer's Krispy Kreme habit or how Terry Bowden is an asshat.

I can't really explain what I'm looking for other than general awesomeness. That's my main criteria and my decisions are final and unassailable. Humor is a plus, as is biting wit and viciousness towards the enemy (don't hold all.) However, if you write something epic and heavenly about our team, that's cool too. Basically, just get stupid and have fun and two of you are getting a free annual. Oh yeah, make sure the email address you registered on the site with is legit, because that's how I will contact you for shipping information.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that contest closes 36 hours the timestamp on the post.

Make me laugh my ass off and you can have one of these for FREE!