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Bryant-Denny Getting A Houndstooth Hat Fixture?

If you look at the following pictures that are posted on the web site of 1420 The Tusk in Tuscaloosa, it certainly seems that Bryant-Denny Stadium is getting a massive houndstooth hat fixture. Looking at the photos, it is going to go somewhere on or around the recent expansion of the north end zone. I have no clue on this one, but honestly I do think it looks pretty cool.

The following is one of the pictures posted:



Again, I suppose reasonable minds may differ, it looks pretty dang cool to me.



According to the Tuscaloosa News, the hat will sit above a new concession stand fittingly dubbed, "The Bear's Den." Many of the other new concession stands will have similar themes. Ezell's Fish Camp, for example, will have a tin roof and look like a cabin on the lake, while "Crimson Fried" will have a mural of past Alabama football teams.

Either way, it's pretty interesting stuff in terms of how they are upgrading concession services around the stadium. Obviously, long gone are the days in which you stick your head through the cinder block cutout to ask for some nachos. With the recent expansion and overall upgrades to the stadium -- not to mention those to come in the near future -- it really is striking how much Bryant-Denny is being pushed to the level of an NFL-esque stadium. In days gone by, many of even the nation's top programs played in stadiums that were defined largely by a bare-bones existence with few luxuries, but today the nicest stadiums in the college football world arguably have as many, if not more, amenities than many professional stadiums. With little doubt, Bryant-Denny is at the forefront of that.