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Gather 'round the Radio, Kids...

....for the RBR Radio Hour is upon us!



8 pm CST is the time, NowLive is the place. We'll be talking Clemson tonight, since THE TIDE STARTS OFF THE SEASON AGAINST THEM IN THREE SHORT DAYS HALLELUJAH I CAN'T MFING WAIT! But I digress. So join us, won't you, so that we may laugh together, cry together, love together, and learn a little bit about each other...together.


Forgot to tell you guys how to call in. You can either go to the NowLive link above and follow the "CALL SHOW" directions, or you can call in directly at 201-661-7217. If you take the latter option, the show id is 308758.

UPDATE mp3 here, or embed thingie: