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I'm probably the last college football fan...

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...on Earth to read The Blind Side, but I picked it up Friday night and have been reading it over the weekend, and I just had to post this quote from the recruitment of Michael Oher:

Miss Sue (Oher's tutor) took one look at Fulmer. He didn't have the slightest interest in saying so much as hello to her. He just stood there, awkwardly, in the blue blazer and khaki pants combo familiar to every little boy whose mama dressed him up for church. She decided he was a hick. He might be the head coach of the University of Tennessee but he didn't have half the wit or charm of Nick Saban, not to mention his looks. ("I happen to think Nick Saban is a very good looking man.")

Just thought y'all might want to share in a good laugh on a Sunday afternoon.