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#26 - Colorado vs Colorado State

Colorado vs Colorado State
"Rocky Mountain Showdown"
August 31, 2008
Invesco Field
Denver, CO

Why?: When people ask me what was the most exciting game not involving Alabama I saw last year, this is the one I give them. It was exciting as hell (read my comments from the one and only BlogGate last year), and the mere mention of Colorado State gives me reason to post these nice young ladies:

I have no idea where I found that picture, but I think it was from a post about CSU sorority girls or something like that that I found while looking for a Colorado State logo on Google Image search and it cracks me up, especially the brunette who has that "WTF am I doing here with these drunk ass bottle blonde hos? I never should have let mom talk me into rushing..." look on her face. Best. Accidental Discovery. Ever. Also, blondie in the purple dress with the silver purse? Nominated for next year's girl fight already. If you happen to see this picture of yourself, rollbamaroll -at- Nico hates to eat alone. I'm just saying.

Who do I think will win?: I picked State to win this one last year because I didn't think Hawkins would have the Buffs up to par just yet, but they pulled off the OT win and had a pretty decent season, upsetting OU and Texas Tech and giving our own beloved Tide quite a scare in the second half of the Independence Bowl after getting down big. They bring back 14 starters and welcome a true freshman running back that's the next great coming or something like that, and should, at the very least, match last year's win totals, while the Rams will be breaking in a new HC, QB, and return only five starters on a defense that wasn't all that good to begin with. Colorado it is.

Who do I hope will win?: I'm actually wearing my knock off Colorado State t-shirt as I'm typing this (it's actually for some little league uniforms we did at work, but since it's a total rip off of the Rams' logo, minus the whole Colorado State part, I had to get one. It just looks cool.), and for some reason I've really taken a liking to the Mountain West Conference (I routinely cheer for the Rams, New Mexico, Utah, BYU, and Air Force), so even though I previously expressed what you devilish scamps took as a "man crush" on Dan Hawkins (and for the record, Nico, my ultimate fanboy team/staff would be Alabama A&M in D1A with Schnellenberger as HC, Leach as OC, and Kines as DC.) I'm going with the Rams here.