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#25 - Oklahoma vs TCU

Oklahoma vs TCU
September 27, 2008
Oklahoma Memorial Stadium
Norman, OK

Why?: I don't know, maybe because the '05 upset is still relatively fresh on the mind, and when looking for good non-con games this one just kind of stuck out? Whatever, it sounds like a good game and you know it.

Who do I think will win?: TCU has actually won the last two meetings and the home team is only 2-8 in the series (Phil Steele tidbit there). OU leads the series by a slim 6-4 margin, amusingly, but they should have a pretty potent offense behind Sam Bradford, an intact o-line, and RB DeMarco Murray, whot rushed for 787 yards and 13 TDs (most on the team) last season despite being a backup with only one start under his belt. Defensively, they bring back only five and will have to rebuild their secondary and linebackers, but it's OU, you know they'll be good on defense (so long as a "gimmick" offense like Boise's or WVU's isn't involved). TCU should have a pretty potent rushing attack, with a two RB system that generated over 1000 yards between them and a real rushing (though not much of a passing) threat in QB Andy Dalton. They were pretty inconsistent last year, either blowing teams out or dropping close heartbreakers, but they didn't have a "quality" win all season. They should be improved, but since this is at the end of September I doubt they'll slip up a bunch of green first time starters again. Sooners it is.

Who do I hope will win?: It's not that I dislike OU, per se, but for some reason I just can't get on board with them. They seem like that team that coasts along with crazy talent, yet still doesn't show up from time and time and it's frustrating as hell (imagine how it must feel to be an actual Sooners fan). I'm going with TCU, if only because we all love an underdog (unless our team happens to be the overdog).