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Your Lunchtime RBR Random 10

Today's Random 10 loves Warren Ellis and awesome beards.
This could rival Mustache Wednesday MFers.

1. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - "The Rider #1"
2. Kef Time - "Zeybek"
3. Rammstein - "Heirate Mich"
4. Phish - "Cars Trucks Buses"
5. Sigur Rós - "Avalon"
6. Nirvana - "Aero Zeppelin"
7. Zao - "The Last Revelation"
8. Patton Oswalt - "Two More Sips"
9. Warren Ellis - "Three Pieces for Violin"
10. Stephen Marley - "Let Her Dance"

Todd's super busy today. I finally finished my summer semester today and OTS is super busy too. Monday will be back to normal RBR shenanigans.

Here's the trailer for the movie The Proposition, which you should see if you haven't. Included here because song 1 on my Random 10 is from the film score of this movie: