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Haiku Contest Winners!

Coming to a mailbox near you...if you won that is.

Sorry it's taken me around two weeks to declare a winner, but school/work/life/etc. often wins the battle for time over the blog.

We had 60 haikus submitted, so it wasn't an easy choice by any means. Instead of giving away two copies of the annual, I decided to bump it up to three. Without any further adieu:

BamaFrazier was the first one to chime in and I knew from his entries alone that this was a good idea. I could've chosen any of them really, but I decided to go with this one for the winner of the Put Them in Their Place Award:

Fat Phil and Tubby
will soon return to rightful
place at Bama’s feet

Really...what's there not to love about that one. In a mere 17 syllables he calls out Dumbo and the Fat Man and basically tells them they're finished having their way with us. Love it.

The next copy goes to hongrime, who has only posted four times on this board. They might not say much, but I guess they make it count when they do. Hongrime submitted five haikus covering topics as diverse as Terrence Cody, Clemson, BBQ Nachos and our lackluster home schedule. I loved them all, but the haiku he gets a copy of Yea Alabama for is something I'm sure we've all said to ourselves at times over the last few years. I chose this one for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Yeah, I know it was only a 24 hour contest, but he put up five good ones in one post covering opponents, hopes, food, etc.:

Please god let him learn to throw
to crimson jerseys

Thankfully, JPW hasn't thrown any picks yet this year. Here's hoping it's a trend that continues!

Lastly, in the It Never Hurts to Flatter and Name Check category, this one from NiceLittle Saturday got the job done:

Yea, Alabama
Just for writing this haiku?
Thanks, RollBamaRoll!

A big thanks to everyone that submitted one (or seven or eight.) They were generally entertaining...and despite having to reign in some discussion about the nether regions of a certain coach's daughter it was a fun distraction before the first kickoff.

I will be contacting the three of you via the email you registered on the site with on Wednesday, so keep an eye on your inbox. I'll need your mailing address as they will be shipped directly from the publisher.