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Two Sites for You to Czech Out

I'm long overdue on posting links to these two sites.

First up, Tower of Bammer, a new(ish) site in the ever expanding Bamasphere. They have Coach Bryant's practice tower for their logo and they have a weekly feature called "I Came to Drop F-Bombs" that previews the upcoming game with wit and liberal doses of the F-word. Here is a PG-ified excerpt from this week's column:

F***ing Directional Schools

Schools with with Directions in their names have a tough road to hoe, but this year all the talk is about EASTERN Carolina and SOUTHERN California (ok, USC kind of transcended their directionalness). But for many other teams, the direction is only helpful, in that it lets them know which direction to drive the bus after the f***ing snot gets beaten out of them. Unfortunately, if Western Kentucky drives West after this game, they would never get the f*** home, since their campus is very much North and a little bit East.

They also have their weekly video podcast, The Perfect Storm, which lets you know how much bourbon you'll need to get through a particular week's game...

The Perfect Storm is produced in conjunction with Well That's Cool, a website and podcast that let's you know what's going on around Tuscaloosa regarding music, sports, food, movies, bars, and a plethora of other activities. Basically, it's your one stop for what's occuring in The Druid City.