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Prince Hall Returns

Though he was originally scheduled to serve a three game suspension, Coach Saban has just announced that Prince Hall will in fact return this weekend against Western Kentucky.

Apparently Hall had been doing all of the work that was required of him, and Saban and company decided to reward him by giving back a game on the suspension. Saban did not explicitly state exactly what role Hall would play this Saturday, stating only that he would dress, and being very broad by mentioning that he "may play some" and that he "may start." At this point, no one knows exactly what role he will play.

Either way, it's a pretty big addition for Alabama. We have almost no depth at inside linebacker -- even though Rolando McClain and Dont'a Hightower have played very well -- and Hall will help shore up things there. Moreover, Hall is clearly in the best physical shape that he has been in since arriving at Alabama, so I do think the time may be right to carry his game to the next level.