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It's Meltdown Time...

As anyone who has ever frequented a football message board surely knows, there are few greater pleasures in life than reading the delusional comments that spring forth from the meltdowns that ensue with each and every loss. Todd and I actually discussed doing a weekly post last year where we would post some of the best meltdowns we could find, but unfortunately we never really got around to it. However, without further adieu, here are some of the best meltdowns I could find after Saturday's action:

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Following the 49-14 loss to the Crimson Tide, Arkansas poster "Hogsbreathe" had this to say:

What I watched today was pitiful! We looked like we were wearing our jock straps on backwards! I know I was a Nutt supporter and all , but I am trying to get behind Petrino. I just can't get over comparing the 2 coaches. Nutt took a 4-7 team to a 9-3 record his first year and a new years day bowl. Petrino I can safely say will not. And I know we are young and need time, but I also recall that in Matt jones senior year 2004 I think, We only had 1 thats right 1 starter on offense , Matt Jones, and 4 on defense. We lost a lot of juniors that went pro, and Nutt took that team to 5-6 with close loses to Texas 22-20 Jones fumble on the 7 yard line. And a very close defeat to Georgia 17 to 14 I believe.  And after that year everybody started screaming for his head.  Now all I hear is coverups and excuses, which is fine for now , But my question is how long will ya'll go with this new found comfort zone of "young team,, New scheme,, not his players, Nutt left the cabinet bare? Seriously I find it interesting that the only people in the COUNTRY!!!! that thinks Nutt is a terrible coach was US!!!!!!


Not to be outdone, Johnny Reb was in full meltdown mode after handing away a victory to the Vanderbilt Commodores, a game that may end up costing them a bowl berth. You would think the decades of losing would make them quite tolerant of losses, but LoneStarReb nevertheless produces a good meltdown in his thread entitled "WTF!!!"

Ok, there is no reason to loose to Vandy at home for the first SEC game of the year.  Now is the time to start panicing about this season.  If we can't get up for this game and win, tell me what other SEC game we will.  NONE!  All I have to say is this was a piss poor effort, if you can even call this an effort by this team.  Nutt better handle some chit over the next week.  We will get beat by Florida, and it will be bad, so he better start game planning for an SEC team he can beat.  At this rate it might be awhile until we find one of those.  These past few years could have been the begining of the end of Ole Miss football ever seeing a bowl eligible season for a very very long time.  I hope I'm wrong and that I'm overreacting to a bad loss, but with our recent track record in SEC play how can we be anything but let down at this point.  Lets go Rebs, step up and WIN for crying out loud.  Show some pride in your school and yourselves.


Moving on, the Tennessee loss brought a big smile to my face, but it did upset many sporting the puke orange. The following is a rant from the one and only piece of shit himself, Tennstud, and frighteningly enoughh this is actually one of his more rational diatribes:

Orange clothing, attach Big Orange bumper stickers, drink Tennessee Jack Daniel, sing Rocky Top, attach UT car flags, because, regardless of who the coach is at UT, we are The University of Tennessee; we are NOT the University of Fulmer and those who are so upset that they commit blasphemy at the University of Tennessee, because of a coach, are hurting our great state university. I, too, am in a quandry. I realize the difficulty the head coaching job is at UT as compared to the head coaching jobs at Florida, Georgia, LSU, and even Auburn. We are 5th in the SEC for the previous 5 years, 5th for the previous 10 years, for one reason-the football god had so ordained. However, as much as I have been reluctant to favor the changing of the coaching job at UT, after looking at the situation realistically, I just don't see how and why we can continue in our present  journey. This trail is not leading anywhere.  I am just most disappointed and hate that my obstinancy, my stubborness, has contributed, in the least, to the status quo. I thought this was the best path. The results for the past few year,  culminating in this year's dismal, awful performance, at least to me, prove that I was wrong. I really don't know IF UT will spend the money for a tried and proven successful coach like Jon Gruden. He's the only one who I think can recharge the Tennessee engine and compete with Mark Richt and or Nick Saban, our neighbors and closest competitors.  I just don't know. I fell for all the off season talk, as usual, about how close our team was, how much harder they were working in the off season, ad infinitum, I guess because I wanted to believe. But unless my eyes are lying, I've been fooled, mislead, once again-once too many. Please, gods of football, give us poor Tennessee fans help, guidance. I don't ask for anything more than a true competive team and spirit-then, after we win, I will probably amend my thoughts and ask for more-but not right now! Just deliver us from the ranks of the mediocrity!!


In Starkville, meanwhile, losses have been so common this decade that the meltdowns aren't even really meltdowns, it's just an expected outcome at this point. Either way, at least one person proposed getting Taylor Hicks for head coach with the following argument: 

Aren't we 2-0 with him at the game??


And finally, I've saved the best for last. This one comes straight from the mouth of "aerotiger" after Auburn choked late against LSU. I don't even really think words can describe this meltdown of epic proportions, so I'm just going to post it and let you read for yourselves:


that was the score at half. What changes did we make at halftime? THIS IS 2 PHUCKIN GAMES IN A ROW TO THESE PIECE OF $HIT LSU MOTHERF*CKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years in a row we have the advantage at half and just vomit it away. I want to die. I want to die right now.

I admit I'm buzzing now. REALLY HARD now that I've taken a bottle of tequila down since the 2nd half, but it does not change the fact that our D completely !%@%$!+ out 2 years in a row to these cajun mutherphuckers. I can barely stand to live in my own skin right now. I want to destroy something.