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Georgia vs. Alabama Game to be a "Blackout"

Georgia players asked coach Mark Richt on the plane ride home from Arizona if the upcoming game against the Crimson Tide could be a "blackout game" and Richt gave it the thumbs up. Georgia did this for the first time last year and did it for both their home game against Auburn and for their bowl game against Hawai'i. In case you didn't see any pictures of it from last year, it looked pretty cool. More pictures from their blackout against Auburn can be found here

I'm excited that this is being viewed as such a huge game...and how couldn't it be viewed that way featuring two 4-0 teams ranked #3 and #8? I'm also super excited about the fact that I'm going to be there. Here's hoping we fair better than The Barn and Hawai'i did when the Dawgs wore black...

HT: Georgia Sports Blog