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The Bocephus Album Cover Worry Index: Week Two

For an explanation of what the heck this all means, check out week one.

As discussed on the RBR Radio Hour(ish), Tulane is not a good team and we should handle them easily. So why is the BACWI set at Rowdy? As much as I would love to say the days of watching our beloved Tide come out flat against (percieved) lesser opponents and struggle to put them away (or even worse, lose to them) are at an end, I'm not going to believe it until I see it. What I want to see is a repeat of last week's physical dominance on both sides of the ball, but with three added bonuses:

1. Scoring TDs in the red zone. We were six for six when reaching the red zone against Clemson, but on the opening two possessions we weren't able to put the ball in the end zone, and settling for FGs against the better teams in the SEC isn't a comforting thought.

2. Playing time for the backups. We rotated a lot of guys last week on the defense, but outside of the RB rotation and Ross coming in when Andre went out, we didn't see any time for the backup offensive guys. I'm sure the staff was letting a maligned and beleagured unit finish out the game and revel in their impressive performance last week, but if all goes to plan this game should be over just as quickly and I'd like to see McElroy and some of the backup o-linemen getting some snaps in junk time.

3. Downfield passing. I know it's not really a part of our offensive plan, but we're going to need a vertical threat to keep defenses honest at some point, and working on it against a scrubby team like the Green Wave can't hurt, but only if we're up about four scores, 'cause man we do not need any game changing INTs...