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Fall Weddings Suck

Tonight, at 6:00 p.m., a mere seven minutes before the Crimson Tide and the Green Wave battle one another, I will be at the wedding of one of my really good friends. You read that right, instead of being at the game or watching it on pay-per-view, I will be at a wedding. On September 6th, I've already locked down the Friend of the Year Award for 2008.

Normally, I love weddings: festive atmosphere, friends, food and drink, etc., but my enthusiasm for them wanes during football season, especially when they conflict with a Bama game. I mean, we only get 12 of these things a year guaranteed, I don't think wanting to see them all is too much to ask.  If this were an afternoon wedding, I'd be all set, but as it now stands, I'll just watch the replay on CSS tomorrow (I'm not paying $40 to DVR a PPV game.)

Most of my friends love football, so this has never been a problem for me. Because of that, I've never had the need to use the site I will make my first entry this weekend though. Lately, there's been some stupid, non-football related stuff on the site, but when it first started a few years ago, there were some hilarious posts on there. I particularly like the Kentucky one below:

Georgia vs. Auburn

In 1996 I attended a wedding on the same day as Auburn vs. Georgia. My groom friend had zero interest in sports, but I made it clear to him I'd have to find a way to see or hear the game. During his reception I went out to listen to the end of the game and it went into gazillion overtime (lasted an hour or so). The groom later told me he was mad that I missed most of his reception. A few years later another friend got married in Athens, Georgia the same night Georgia played in Auburn. The groom was a UGA grad and the bride went to Auburn. What the hell? I attended their ceremony, but skipped everything else and drove home listening to the 2nd half on the radio.

Kentucky (general)

Just got engaged and planned our wedding around football and basketball season as to not miss any action. A big FUCK YOU to all of my so call friends who weren't so considerate. Go Cats!

In the event my friend reads this (which I doubt, because he doesn't like football), I'm mostly joking (like 99.7%.) I'm looking forward to the wedding tonight. Just be thankful you didn't schedule it the day of Bama vs. LSU, Tennessee or Auburn....