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Who Should Replace Lance Thompson?

Since it's Friday, I figure it would be nice to get a good interactive thread going over the weekend. Long story short, who do you think should replace Lance Thompson?

Keep in mind that someone with a background in linebackers would be a major plus, and also it is a standard requirement that any Coach Saban assistant not only be a great recruiter, but also someone who is willing to spend an ungodly amount of time out on the road recruiting. Also, add a few lines as to why you picked your particular selection.

Personally, my vote goes to Travis Jones. Now that the New Orleans Saints have brought in Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator, Jones should now be open, and I do think he would be a good hire. He is a relatively young and energetic coach, and he also has a great background as a recruiter. Moreover, he has coached for Saban before at LSU in 2003 and 2004 -- where he was also recruiting coordinator, helping Saban bring in two incredible classes -- and he actually coached outside linebackers in the NFL under Saban in 2006 with the Miami Dolphins.

Moreover, he is a native of south Georgia, and he has a lot of recruiting experience in the greater Mobile area as well as the Florida panhandle, another major positive for anyone looking to replace Thompson. Furthermore, I'm sure Saban would love to add another Georgia native, if but for nothing more than it would allow us to further tap that state, something he has been trying to do since the day he arrived at Alabama. Finally, just being frank, it probably helps a bit that Jones is an African-American. I'm not trying to unnecessarily use racial classifications, mind you, but the truth remains that about 80% of BCS conference recruits these days are African-Americans, and having another African-American assistant coach on our staff probably provide a bit more in the way of benefits.

Anyway, Jones is my choice, and that's why. Hopefully he'll get the job, but we'll see. I imagine many names will start popping up in the near future.