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Weekend Plans

I'm out for the weekend kids, but I do plan on accomplishing at least some of the following:

1. Finish the Running Back Success Rate numbers.  Likelihood of this happening?  35%.  That stuff is boring and will turn you cross eyed.

2. Get a bunch of recruiting post stuff together.  Likelihood of this happening? 90%.  Not nearly as boring as counting.

3. See at least one of the following four movies:  The Wrestler, Gran Torino, Revolutionary Road, or Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (shut up, you know you thought the first one was awesome!).  Likelihood of this happening?  Pretty small, actually.  If I do get out, it will be Sunday afternoon, but that's really prime blogging (and playing NCAA 2009 time) for me and with the previous two weighing on my mind, I should really stay in and get some work done.  Actually, knowing me the fact that I will be thinking "I really should be blogging" will probably make me want to go to the movies even more, so change that to "pretty good chance this will happen."

4. Go to the UAB/Rice game tomorrow and pretend the Alabama Basketball does not exist.  Likelihood of this happening?  100%, lawya, I got them season tickets.

5. Relinquish any last vestige of my masculinity by spending most of tonight and tomorrow morning playing with the Girl's adorable puppy, whom I love beyond all reason and wish I was playing with right now. Likelihood of this happening?  Again, 100%.  Look at this sweet face and tell me you wouldn't do the same:


Have a good weekend, kids. Ladies, I haven't forgotten you.

This week, it's a double dose of manly hawt:



You're welcome.