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Just got home from New Orleans. Driving all day in miserable rainstorms made yesterday's loss even drearier. I plan on having a write up of my experience in NOLA and my thoughts about the game ready to go on Monday. I may post it on Sunday if I have the chance, but there's a lot of "just got back from a road trip" stuff that needs handling first (laundry, going through mail, email, etc.) I haven't seen the replay of the game yet, but I want to comment on some things about the game that likely couldn't been seen on television.

All the congrats in the world go to Utah. They came ready to play and handed us our heads. 99.9% of their fans were super cool and I really enjoyed getting to meet them over the course of the trip.

12-2 is a great season. Certainly better than any of us expected at the outset of the season. I just hate that we ended on two losses...though they were the two best teams we played all year so it isn't a surprise we lost to either of them.

It'll be interesting to read through the last couple of days comments and stories to see how y'all reacted to it.