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Ed Stinson Commits

Though it comes as no major surprise if you have read the previous recruiting post, Ed Stinson has now committed to Alabama.

Stinson is a 6'4 and 235 pound defensive end / linebacker prospect out of Homestead, Florida. For the longest, he was committed to Florida State, but he opened things back up and ultimately it turned into an Alabama v. LSU battle. When LSU gave a full offer a couple of days ago to Bennie Logan, it certainly looked like they were throwing on the towel on Mr. Stinson, and indeed that turned out to be the case. Last night Alabama assistant coaches Bobby Williams and Sal Sunseri came to see him for an in-home visit, and that sealed the deal.

This one is great news for the Tide because Stinson is the exact type of player we need for the Jack position. With Courtney Upshaw at the position from the 2008 class, with Stinson now added and likely 2010 prospect Craig Sanders on the way, things are starting to look really good moving forward at Jack linebacker. We are finally getting the athletes that we need to maximize production from that position.