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Derrick Thomas Inducted Into NFL Hall of Fame

Finally, after having to wait a few years longer than I and many others think he should have, former Alabama linebacker Derrick Thomas has been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Click here for the full story.

For those of you who do not remember Thomas fully, his football career was prolific. He came to Alabama out of Miami, and was an instant success. He was arguably the greatest defensive player we've ever had at Alabama, and he still holds many Alabama records, including the most sacks in a single season with 27 (and keep in mind that occurred in an era when the SEC was still largely three yards and a cloud of dust). He left Alabama as an All-American, and was a top five draft pick with the Kansas City Chiefs. While in Kansas City, he became the cornerstone of the franchise, garnering nine Pro Bowl selections, and becoming one of the most feared players in the game. He still holds the all-time NFL single same sack record with seven.

Unfortunately, Thomas' career and life was cut short in early 2000 when he died from injuries suffered in an auto accident. Even though he left with a few years of his prime still remaining, it is nevertheless good to see Thomas' on-field achievements honored. Anyone who ever watched him play would agree he was one of the greatest ever, and we can now include the Hall of Fame voters as being in agreement.