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Alabama No. 2 in the AP, Harris Polls

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The Gumby Poll still has us at No. 3 though.

With a decisive win over Ole Miss in Oxford, Alabama makes the move up to No. 2 in the Associated Press poll.Texas, which had been camping at the slot behind No. 1 Florida all season, fell to No. 3 after a 38-14 victory against Colorado.

And while the Crimson Tide sticks at No. 3 in the USA Today Coaches poll Florida's stranglehold on of the top slot is continuing to erode. After holding a single No. 1 vote last week, Alabama claimed five this week as well as 11 No. 2's.

UPDATE, 4:52 pm: Alabama is now No. 2 in the Harris Poll as well. Point-wise we are dead even with Texas (2,684) but there are 13 first place votes in our favor versus five for the Longhorns. Florida continues to dominate this poll, increasing both it's point total and number of No. 1 votes in the wake of their win over LSU.