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Monday Morning Required Reading

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And after an euphoric and properly debauched weekend you are now ready to return to the soulless hell of your daily grind. But, still, you can probably slack off pretty well until mid-afternoon if you look busy enough. So here a number of articles needing your perusal, post haste, drone. Get to it!

Comon aboard I promise you, you won't hurt the horse: The Alabama bandwagon took on a ton of riders this weekend. Suddenly the rematch with Florida in Atlanta is a foregone conclusion like everyone was telling you all along. Anyway, among the believers now are:

Crimson Tide players in the spotlight: Mark Ingram, Cory Reamer and Leigh Tiffin get some of that sportswriter love over the weekend.

There will be a test on this material: If Alabama's success is all about the Defense, then perhaps it's time you studied up a bit on what Coach Saban is doing. Start with Smart Football's analysis from last year and then hop over to this three part breakdown (Part I, Part II, Part III) courtesy Brophy that will have your head swimming in X's and O's by noontime.

We're talking about practice: It seems the key to The Process is practice, Don Kausler reports. You know, that sounds really familiar for some reason.

But you can't suck because that means we suck too!: Georgia's collapse against Tennessee has sparked a serious bout of soul searching over at Dawg Sports that the Volunteers don't take kindly to.

Recreational reading: Allen Barra, the author of The Last Coach, pens a review for The Dallas Morning News about three new books about football, including the latest by The Junction Boys' author Jim Dent recounting Ara "Go For the Tie" Parseghian's tenure at Notre Dame.

Adding insult to injury: Red Cup Rebellion's Whiskey Wednesday explains how the only thing that goes really well with a devastating loss to a conference rival is a hangover of epic proportions and getting walloped playing ultimate frisbee. (We here at RBR offer massive kudos and bottles of ibuprofen to everyone at RCR for their assistance last week.)