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It's Meltdown Time...


With another week of college football in the books, we have yet another edition of Meltdown Time. This week is a bit of a shorter edition than last week's column, but this one one is still loaded with absolute gems. Read on and enjoy meltdowns from Auburn, LSU, Georgia, and Ole Miss.

And as always, the language can get bad. If you are in any way offended by strong language, do not read any further. You've been warned.

And without further adieu, ladies and gentlement, it is meltdown time:

We stunk it up today, but what I'm still fuming about is the home cooking officiating.  I don't know when I have seen such one sided incompetence.

The refs earned an A+ for stealling this game out of Auburn's hands. The players deserve an F also because of fumbles and no intensity on defense or offense.

Worst DL in at least 15 years if not not pre Dye. No push and no pass rush at all. It's not just today either. They might as well not even be out there. Completely useless.

Who are some great DC candidates available? Our tackling has been poor all season and was awful today, we can't put pressure on a snail, and our secondary leaves guys open. I'm not impressed with the defense and I don't think Roof can get the job done. Has he ever heard of a blitz? Do we even scheme on D?
The fact is we're a 6-6 team.
We're a 5-1 team and haven't played much of anybody.  Believe me, I want to be better than that.  The fact is our defense is not good enough to play with the big boys.  We got rolled by an Arkansas offense that was dominated by Bammer.

We are not a good football program - not a bad football program. We made a mediocre hire as our head coach, so all that we can hope for are mediocre seasons like 7-5 and 8-4.

We will never win a championship under Gene Chizik - and we should all just accept that. There is no reason to get too excited over a 5-0 start...just like there is no reason to get upset over today's total meltdown against Arkansas.

We're going to get to 7-5 or 8-4 every year under Chizik...go to an okay bowl game...but that's what we signed up for when we hired Chizik. Maybe we'll get 9 wins in a season, but we're going to be behind Alabama and LSU when it comes to competing for the SEC West.

It's just the way it is...and it's okay. We just have to accept and keep a very level head about who Auburn is under the leadership of Chizik. Let's just hope that the powers that be decide that's not good enough in the next 3 or 4 years.

Has Auburn ever had a worse defense? I have been watching games since 75 and cannot think of one that is as bad as this group. I blame Roof mostly and not the players. I think we have the talent, just not the coaching. Still don't understand why Carter and Fairley don't play more, they at least have a chance of getting to the QB.

How quickly will Chizik pull the trigger on Roof?

I don't see our defense getting any better. Good chance of losing to UK next week.
Bammer v. UF in the SECCG again. Go Gators!! I'm pulling for the Gators to destroy LSU tonight. I think they're the only team in the league that can beat bammer.

I HATE and I'm sincere...I HATE uat!!! However this is one of the best Alabama teams I have seen. I'm not sure anyone outside the NFL can bet them........




Worst offensive playcalling in the history of LSU football. That was a sad sight to see. No wonder we can't get a 1 yard gain on 4th and 1 when we throw maybe 1 deep pass the entire game! Why let Russell Shepard play at Georgia and not at LSU against a #1 ranked Florida team? What did we have to lose when we had 2 yards offense in the 2nd half until late in the game??? Whoever was making the play calls, be it Miles or Crowton, should be tarred and feathered.

Rate Les Miles performance as the HC tonight. I'd give him a 0.


had he stayed home and let the team just go out and play sandlot style, the score would've been near the same and LSU and thus the state would've saved a shitton of cash.


even if miles was fired. would you have any confidence in the current administration to hire the right guy?

hate to bring this backup, but I was hoping Miles would go to Mich in 2007 after they luckily won the NC, I wanted RR to be his replacement, then you would have seen some fireworks with all the playmakers LSU has.

Fla. is light years ahead of us. Alabama and Fla will rule the SEC for years to come.

I didn't see anything tonight to disuade me from that awful thought.

We may score negative points against Alabama.

Finally this LSU team got the loss it deserved. Zero offense because of shitty shitty coaching by Les Miles & Gary Crowton...Should've lost against a crappy UGA team...Zero offense against a good team equals no chance at victory.

Nice coaching job Les Miles....Nick Saban is going to wax your ass.


Sorry, but this is the first of a few defeats. This O will not beat bama or ole miss. Say what you want, JJ simply isn't ready. You hate to keep harping, but how does R.Shepard not get into this game. One reason, LES MILES.

Bama v. Florida in SEC Championship Game. Book it.

We have permanently left the top tier of the SEC even though we have top tier talent...

Bama and UF will be in the SEC championship game for years to come

So I became that guy. the guy who has screamed at the television for the last 3 hours. the guy whose friends look at him like he is nuts. the guy who is told its only a game. yep thats me and im proud of it.

tonights performance was absolutely terrible.

im drinking myself into a coma and calling it a night

glad i didnt pay the money to watch that garbage

Same here. It's like watching the materialization of the gradual decay of LSU football under Miles.

I threw my shoe and dented a trashcan

luckily I didn't throw it at something more breakable (I'm at work)

I'm surprised I didn't have a stroke or burst an artery.

Our dog is still hiding under the bed.

I am telling you now, we are looking at a worse year than 2008. The lug nuts are loose and the wheels are about to come shooting off. Lose to Auby, Bama, Ole Piss, and Arky. who does that leave. Oh, it does not matter.....

Until we lose to Auburn in 2 weeks? Our offense is beyond pathetic. I can't honestly see myself watching the Bama game this year. I may go to a movie and just see what the score is afterwards. Saban will make our offense look more comical than this evening. (if that's possible)

Curly Hallman > Les Miles

LSU was bitch slapped tonight and outcoached. Our talent is on the same level as UF...its just that none of the 10 plays the coaches called worked. At this rate I think we will be outcoached by the Chiz, by Saban (no surprise there), and most likely by the Razorbacks. Our coaching staff has no clue, and this head coach was hired by someone who had no business being an AD.

I always thought Florida State and Miami were graveyards of talent. Now I realize, LSU is slowly reaching that status. Why top recruits still want to play for us, is beyond me.

I guess LSU can sell instant play time...because LSU hasn't evaluated...or better yet, coached their talent for shite. Lets stack RS type players on the team to let them ride the pine because Miles likes sucking Seniority dick!

Who Else is Missing Saban's influence? I don't miss the man, but his influence around the program has slipped out of our grasp

And him rebuilding a shitty program into a national powerhouse and is doing it to another recent shitty program.

Yea, I miss him. A lot.

I enjoyed watching Bama today. reminded me of SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. press coverage, blitzing, touch defense, sound fundamentals and technique,

makes me upset to know that was once us

I don't remember LSU ever being as good as this Bama team

Shit, 2003 LSU still lost to a Zook UF team

I think that most of us suspected/feared what would happen to LSU on the day that Saban went to Bama.

We knew that it might just be a matter of time, but, we've been hoping against hope that our worst fears are wrong.





I never thought the CMR era at UGA would end like this.
Are you blind or unwilling to look?  The offense is as bad as the defense.  We did NOTHING on offense today.  NOTHING.  Against a team that REALLY IS REBUILDING with a brand new Doogie Howser coach.

How many recruits bail on us? They can't have any sort of faith in the program. Only savings grace might be they think they'll play right off. Richt has them fooled; he'll play a bad senior over a good freshman.
I am officially on the fire Willie Martinez Bandwagon. I have been one of the strongest supporters of CWM...But, how the hell do you give up 45 points to a very below average offense, no adjustments, and make Crompton look like a Heisman candidate, pathetic. We have WAY to much talent on Defense to be this bad. We cant even friggin tackle, the FUNDEMENTALS are missing!!!...FIRE CWM!!! At this point Jancek and Bobo ought to be close behind him too! However I must say that I am behind CMR, PERIOD! I will not turn my back on the players and if anyone can turn this around it is CMR...
Top candidates to replace Richt...
Contact information for the athletic department staff. Fill up the voicemails, fill up their emails.  They need to hear from us and know that BS like what we saw won't be tolerated.  You want Martinez and Bobo gone?!?!?  Tell them!
Crompton was just on the sidelines saying "I don't even have these kind of numbers playing NCAA on PS3"
Sad day for the Bulldog Nation.... All our fears have come home to roost...
Honestly, in all my years I've never seen us play this bad.
The Mark Richt Era 2001-2009........

Really, it was done after the UT game in 2007, but this is the back breaker. The apologists will keep him here for another 3 years, but the damage is done.

It. Is. Done.

Guess it's time to begin rooting for Bama again. They're my only hope to beat UF for the title.
Gentlemen it's time to take our program back over...raise MF hell....Let's force him out.....enough is enough....
I'm going to wager that CWM is gone by Monday, and RG steps up as D-Coord. Just sayin...I think there is some integrity left in Richt. But honestly, these are his coaches...and other than an Auburn Blackout Game, where Bobo had a bumch of talent that my PeeWee football coach could've coached...neither coordinator has been worth a crap.


much love from Iraq, and GO DAWGS!
never see 6-6 buddy!!!!  5-7 is all you will see and miss a bowl game!!!
Mercifully, they just cut to the Bama/Ole Piss game. Thanks, football and TV Gods!!!
we are the worst coached team in the country...
Watching Bama's defense is just sickening... they play how we used to play, fundamently sound w/ pressure
god i was just thinking that, its so hard to watch BAMA, like watching how we used to be until CWM and CMB came around....BAMA is proof that COACHING makes all the difference in the world!! We get the same number of3 and 4 and 5 star recuits....



Nutt's still not taking any responsibility for this team's performance. Not shocking.....but, at least he reminded us again that we had four losing seasons before he, the savior of college football, got here. What a jerk
The problem is this... we need to stop the "xxxxx since vaught" ridiculousness.

The sad fact is, Nutt is the best we've had since Vaught. The problem is, we've sucked since Vaught, and we still suck.

Right now we are the skinniest kid at fat camp. Who gives a F if whoever is the "best since" we need to become the Best, period.

We're not moving towards that at the moment

The best team won today. We could play them 10 times and they would win 10 times. Our coaches just have to adjust and win the ones we can and take our lick on the others.....
i am not going to Shreveport!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to say it. Jevan needs to ride the pine until he decides to get his head straight and concentrate on improvement. He is getting worse by the week. We need to give Stanley a chance to see what he can do and it needs to start NEXT SATURDAY. Snead has had his chances and is continuing to play worse. We have too much talent on this team to see our season squandered away because of poor play at QB. Sure I know the OL has some problems too, but the QB play has gone downhill big time this year.
Say what you want - that was embarassing. Blue chip backfield and three points - we stink. Nutt should let stanly play or resign.
Face It Folks ... We Will Never Be Among The Elite of this league.  Too much against us.  If we hadn't been asleep at the wheel for 30 + years, maybe it would be a different story.

Years like last year and the ab oration of 2003 will be the best we can do.

Too much commitment and money from the power teams.
Hate to say it, but I agree...

I was a kid back when we only lost 2 games by a combined 7 points in 5 years. Little did I know that it would be the highlight of my life as an Ole Miss fanatic. I told many people before the season started that if we did not make Atlanta this year, we probably never would during my lifetime. Today's first half performance was the worst offensive and special teams effort I have ever seen in 50 years of following Ole Miss football.  I talked to several 50ish Rebels today at half and we all admitted to each other that in all likelihood the only way we will ever see Atlanta is the Peach Bowl.

I remembered after today's loss how some of our idiotic fans wanted to give Nutt Saban money after one 9-win season. What a joke. I am seriously beginning to lose faith in Houston. Bama is good no doubt, but this team has taken a giant step backwards over the last 10 months. Maybe UPIG wasn't so stupid after all.
I agree - we will never win a championship in football. Sad. How do you bring a top tier kid in - let him watch this game, compete against gameday atmospheres at LSU, TN, AU, Bama, UGA, FLA, etc. and expect a committment? Maybe the random one, but we lose that battle 9 out of 10 times. Too much to overcome. The only way we ever overcome it is with money. T Boone Pickens money - and our T Boone Pickens is in jail. A team like Oregon or Cal or UNC can do it because they don't play in the SEC - but we can't compete with these teams year in, year out. It's time to finish this season with pride. Hopefully Jevan can come back and compete and we can win five more games - but I'm wondering which ones...
Lost QB -- Last found in Cotton Bowl... if found, please return to Oxford, MS
We realists have seen this coming since Memphis. Snead is lost. Our OL is not good (didn't say terrible), and our receivers are overrated.

We couldn't have beaten UAB with that offense today. At this rate State will beat us. Arkansas surely will, as will LSU and Tennessee.

Living in Little Rock, I've put up with all of the "Houston will disappoint you in the second year" and "your QB's will get worse the longer they stay in system" and "he's a lazy recruiter".

The first one sadly looks correct. Snead isn't better and recruiting, don't know yet, but I do know Vincent Sanders came today to see how much they used Pat Patterson in the scheme, and we all know the answer to that.

Bad day. Bad year.
Did our SID actually mount a Snead for Heisman campaign? are you kidding me?
This is pathetic and embarrassing. I'm glad I didn't go.