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Submit Your Questions for "Hey Todd!"

It's that time again, boys and girls, time to get your questions in for The Roll Bama Roll Radio Hour(ish)! Tonight's topics could include, but are not limited to: The Ole Miss victory, the upcoming match with SC (which we will discuss with special guest Gamecock Man of Garnet and Black Attack), Greg McElroy (He was bound to have a bad game at some point, but what happened to cause it?), Julio Jones (There, we're throwing to him!  Happy now?!), Cory Reamer (I left a piece of my ear in Oxford and all I got was this lousy three score victory), Jerrell Harris (He's finally eligible, but will he play?  Nico Johnson would like to know.), Eric Norwood (Thank God we don't have to play a pass rusher like Greg Hardy agai...oh crap.), and pretty much anything else that comes to mind, so get your questions and topics in the comments section below and join us tonight at 8pm CST over at TalkShoe

Block him, please.