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20/20 Hindsight: Alabama vs South Carolina

kleph is on injured reserve at the moment, so I'll be filling in with the links roundups for a little while.  As always, any good links and quotes that you find, throw them in the comments as well.

Brown Sent to Hospital After Clutch Catch |

"Moe got knocked out. They took all the precautions, took him to the hospital and brought him back," USC coach Steve Spurrier said. "He seems to be in pretty good shape for a guy that got knocked out."

Brown flashed two thumbs up and was smiling and talking with USC’s medical personnel after being immobilized on a backboard before being carted off the field.

Good news after one of the scarier moments of the game.  Also in the article, don't question Ellis Johnson:

Free safety Chris Culliver questioned whether the Gamecocks were in the right defense for Alabama’s final drive, in which Mark Ingram ran six times for 68 yards, including a 4-yard touchdown.

Told of Culliver’s comment, assistant head coach for defense Ellis Johnson said: "Cully just needs to play. He don’t need to coach. Cully needs to tackle."

Winning is What Alabama Does Best | ESPN

They beat you when junior quarterback Greg McElroy is on top of his game. They beat you when he’s not on top of his game.

They beat you with senior starters (Javier Arenas) watching from the sideline. They beat you with budding sophomore superstars (Mark Ingram) having the best rushing performance Bryant-Denny Stadium has ever seen.

They beat you despite uncharacteristic turnovers and penalties. They beat you when maybe they weren’t as focused as they needed to be.

Ingram Runs Into UA Lore |

Saban, who doesn’t dole out lofty praise for hyperbole, said Ingram’s game was special.

"Mark did as fine a job today as anybody I’ve ever been around," Saban said. "And that includes Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and some really good ones. He was fantastic."

Bama Win: Ingram Bails Out Struggling Offense With Career Best Effort | Mobile Press-Register

"I really think that's the sign of a good team," coach Nick Saban said after the Crimson Tide improved to 7-0, 4-0 in the SEC. "I'm proud of our players for being able to go out there and earn this and fight their way through it and do what they needed to do to win the game. You can say it's winning ugly or whatever, but it's still winning."

Alabama-South Carolina Recap: Greg McElroy's Promise |

"I haven't been playing real confidently. I haven't been stepping into my throws like I had been in weeks past. But we'll get it figured out. I promise. I promised my fans and promised the coaches and promised to the players that I will get it figured out and we will get it straightened out. .... I don't care if I spend every second and sleep in the football complex. I will do that to figure this thing out. I have all the confidence in the world in myself and my teammates that we can come back and dominate opponents, just like we did against Arkansas and against other teams."

Topics for Dicussion // 10.17.09 | Team Speed Kills

More impressive: Alabama or Florida? Or should that be less unimpressive? Both teams played subpar games but were bailed out by their best players or by their opponents' own issues. (Or the officials.) At least Alabama did it to a team that was ranked at the time and is now 5-2. Then again, Arkansas actually showed the ability at times to capitalize on Florida's mistakes, an idea that seemed alien to South Carolina.

Gamecocks prove to be no pushover | The Post and Courier

'If we ever have a guy run for 246 yards,' USC coach Steve Spurrier said, 'we'll be in good shape.'

USC Misses the Point on Takeaways |

"Statistically, if you look at it, if you're looking at this game you saw how many turnovers we got, and how many turnovers they had, you'd think we won the game," South Carolina linebacker Eric Norwood said. "But there's three parts football, offense, defense and special teams. We just gotta execute better in all phases and we'll be fine."

Norwood later added that the offense has helped the defense when it struggled, like against Georgia. And he pointed out the defense could have done more.

"We should have put one in the end zone, like (Alabama did)," Norwood said.