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It's Meltdown Time...


I'm afraid to report that it was a bit of a down week for the meltdown column in terms of sheer volume. We didn't quite see as many meltdowns this week as we would like. As a general matter, fans of Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and South Carolina were really just happy that their respective teams played it close, and some things really just didn't materialize on some other fronts. 

Nevertheless, we do have three meltdowns this week, and they come from Auburn, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. And what they don't have in size, they make up for in quality (that's we she said). Auburn fans went nuts after losing ugly to Kentucky at home, who brought in a true freshman quarterback, Ohio State fans quickly imploded with an upset to Purdue, and with Texas A&M giving up 60+ points to a 3-3 Kansas State team, it looks like Aggie fans have just lost all hope. Combined, their plight is one great delight to the casual reader.

Now, as always, the language does get bad, and at times it gets VERY bad. If you don't like reading obscenities and the like, this column is not for you, and I strongly urge you to read on right now and skip this piece. You've been warned.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is meltdown time:


5-19. Why are you surprised?

I don't think we should get rid of Chizik now. But there is absolutely NO excuse for this loss tonight.  Maybe we shouldn't have hired him in the first place.

I'm not surprised at long as Chi-Sick is our head coach, we will be mediocre...he'll be able to recruit well enough to get us to 7 or 8 wins most years...but he'll never win the SEC West, much less the SEC. He's mediocre...and we're seeing that already.

Until we put up the money to go after a big time coach that can put us back on the big stage like the turds did with ***** then we might be in for a couple of tough years with this program

Can we ever be a top-tier team with Jay Jacobs as AD?

We were an average team before JJ and we'll be an average team after JJ. I was blasted last week for saying we were comparable to Ole Miss, but it was and is the truth except Ole Miss is better than us at the moment.

I wouldn't call any program with one MNC in 118 years a powerhouse.

We were outcoached in a big way tonight.

Something is seriously wrong with Todd... I'd have to assume his shoulder is messed up again looking at how his deep balls were way underthrown. If this is the case it's time to sit him and start Caudle.

anybody still worried about losing Malzahn? HILARIOUS!

Wow... I had no idea we were this bad.

Did Malzahn smoke crack before the game? His playcalling suggests he did.

TIRED of the silly crap on offense.

Please graduate and have a nice life #5, #18, #12, #75, #4. Thanks for the memories.

R.I.P. to Auburn's passing game in 2009. You died waay too young.

Looking forward to 2010 with 2 new coordinators.

Chasing Jack with Jose. Not kidding....eek

we suck we suck we suck we will win 1 more game we suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this when Nutt gave up on Malzahn?

We’re going to lose to fucking Kentucky

Wow. I'm glad I'm drunk.

What is this trick bullshit Malzahn?

I was f'n third and one and we act like a friggin pansy ass Wac Bitch!!!!

Riminescent of the Barfield days

This team should turn in their pads now. We need to start over.

not a popular subject--but you dont wake up one morning as a 5-19 head coach and turn into a great head coach--next yr will be the same and then the search will begin again--

This defense is on track to be one of the worst in last 50 years of avg. points given up per a game!  banghead

Worst case scenario, Papa Johns bowl. Best case scenario Cotton. My guess is still Music City, but the Independence bowl also looks likely. In a way it would be poetic justice for Auburn to go to the Independence bowl and Bama to make the National Championship, since we ragged on them the past few years about making permanent reservations in Shreveport. They got really good a lot faster than I thought they would and we got bad a lot faster than I thought was possible.

These games are scripted.

Nobody is stupid enough to blow timeouts at the end of the game when you have the ball.
No team goes a whole game without a penalty.
No QB throws the ball away on 3rd and 4 with no pressure.
It's completely scripted.

Or I'm crazy. I am above average IQ, I have a good job, have a lovely family, have normal friends, etc. And I TRULY believe that the last 2 weeks, as well as GA - LSU, was scripted - meaning people cheated to ensure one team would win. I don't have ANY proof, other than the game (which is all the proof you really need) and don't know who is in on it, but the likely suspects are Todd and certainly the officiating crew. Motivation you ask? MONEY. You can't have Arkansas starting 0-3, KY starting 0-4 when you already have a pumped up fan base at Auburn that can afford to absorb losses.

Good luck Auburn Tigers, I am, hopefully, done with sports for a very, very long time.

Think about this.

Sabana took over an awful Alabama program and in less than 3 years has made them the best team in the country and Auburn completely irrelevant.

Where is Brandon Cox when you need him? Dude wold have marched us down the field for the win



DAMN YOU TRESSEL! what the hell!

Asshole is playing politics now. Admitting defeat and playing to LOSE BY LESS.

Fuck you Jim Tressel

Go Fuck yourself


Either we hire a new Offensive Line Coach and an Offensive Coordinator, or we (the fan base) need to make sure Tressel is GONE!!

Time for all to get their heads out of the sand - this game is passing tOSU by

FIRE BOWMAN AND FIND A NEW QB---OSU SUCKS!! What the hell was that?? Tressel needs to get his head out of his Butt and WAKE UP--this was a 1 and 5 team and you FRICKEN  lost to them.

Congratulations--don't even dis Mich. for their loss to App. Because WE JUST MATCHED THAT!!

Wow I guess I am pissed. I'm off this board and who gives a damn about the rest of the season--it is over!!banghead


Awful, just awful.  As I watched the game, the offense looked like 11 guys who showed up at a local park for a pick-up game of football.  Confused, scattered, lost, bewildered....Or, a college intramural team.  At some point, it was just laughable how inept the offense looked.  They literally were having difficulty not losing yards, much less gaining them.  I've been seriously watching Ohio State football since 1987 and this was the worst offensive showing that I can remember.  The only team / game that comes close was watching the Michigan game when "you know who" did his Heisman pose (I was in that end zone). 

When Pryor committed I was afraid he'd only stay 3 years.  Now I'm scared to death that he'll stay 4.

Sometimes its not about the players you miss, it's about the players you sign.

i'm not surprised at all. i thought that pryor was an overrated QB before he ever set foot on campus. i've also been suggesting for a long time that tressel's love affair with pryor could potentially damage the program for years to come. i will never give up on OSU football, but as things stand right now, they're fielding a product that i find offensive (no pun intended). there's some seriously bush league **** going down in columbus right now. i don't like the way tressel places pryor above the program. i don't like his playcalling. i want to go outside and burn a sweater vest...and i sure as heck won't be watching again next week if you know who is under center. it's time for immediate change. if that change does not come, this program will not get my time or money. case closed.

Is it legal by ncaa for fans (ie boosters) such as us on this board to start a fund to raise enough money to get Urban here.

This is a meltdown of EPIC proportions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!banghead

I want URBAN MEYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blame Tressel, we have seen this offense almost every year since he has been here.............I just hope we loose out now, I want a new coach


With that kind of stubborness, get ready to see more losses this season.  They will be lucky to finish 6-6 with this product.

I am glad we lost. So now the idiots can see what a MORON we have for a HC.

Worst loss I've ever witnessed from Ohio State Football in my 26 years on earth.

We just lost to Purdue.

Seriously. Sit there and say that to yourself a few times.





Tressel is overrated.  One of these days he will start getting called out  on it.

He is atrocious at running, developing, and executing offensive gameplans, and he is even worse at developing - and properly utiizing - talent.

I fucking hope we lose to Michigan. I'm serious. Only way we'll ever get the change we need to steer us out of the shitter.



Coming off an abortion of a game against KSU, and a drubbing in Lubbock next week (yes, Tech is going to maul us), predict the attendance for the ISU game. I'll go with 67,000ish...may be the first time in a decade we don't have 70,000 at a game (not counting the Texas State 2005 game)

Our boys deserve a better chance. It's one thing to lose. But to be totally unprepared and look like a youth summer league wrong.

Why didn't Sherman forfeit at halftime when it was only 38-0? We still had our dignity.

Its like in Rocky when Rocky is there and Apollo Creed is in the ring going up against the roided up Russian, and rocky could have thrown the towel in. Instead Rocky let the Russian kill Apollo. Thats exactly what happened last night.

Worse than 77-0. Can you believe it?

Who wants to get drunk and feel sorry for ourselves?

and boom goes the dynamite

Hire me. I'll come for half Sherm's salary and win just as many conference championships.

Considering all of the ridiculous records that have been set against us since 2000, I can't help but think that they're wrong. No it's never been this bad. We've never been so horrible that terrible teams were beating us by 50+ points. At least back then we still played defense, now we have nothing. We have no offense and no defense and struggle on special teams. There is no question that this has been the worst decade of Aggie football ever. We haven't just looked bad, we've looked like we don't belong in Division IA.

Then in the same breath I'm told that rebuilding takes time. Bull****, I look around the country and see loads of second and even first year coaches doing well with teams that were horrible last year. I'm sure I'll be told that I'm just an impatient youngun' who needs to learn patience. Seriously, patience is for losers and people who accept mediocrity. I'm tired of being an embarrassment every year. I don't know what it's going to take, I just know that hiring old coaches (someone over 50) isn't going to get it done. Of course I also know that the old guard at A&M will never ever let that happen.

I guess I just need to get used to mediocrity and losing seasons so that I can become a good Ag. It's either that or I just need to stop caring completely and find better things to do with my Saturdays. That isn't to say that I'm going to become a 2%er because my love for the university will never change, I'm just realizing that unless I somehow win the lottery or get some massive amount of inheritance money that my opinion on this means nothing because I will never be able to be the leader of any change.

I think I might be done with Aggie football for a while.

But, but he was born on the boxcar of a train. That MUST mean he's an awesome defensive coordinator. I can't believe how many stupid ****s we have as fan. Jesus. F'ing. Christ.

Clean house and fire EVERYONE. 3rd times the charm

I was there for the 77-0 beating and I never in my wildest dreams thought that could be beat worse than that game. It really is sad when the 77-0 loss is our programs 2nd worse loss. I saw today on the field and on the sidelines the same lack of emotion and pride that I saw when we loss to OU. I would be ashamed if I was associated with any part of the A&M football program.

Can we pitch in and buy Sherman a GPS? He looked lost on the sidelines.