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Last Call for RBR Logo Submissions

In the middle of September, we had an open call for reader submissions for the next RBR logo. At the time things were open ended, but we're trying to expedite this process as much as possible, so let this post be the last call for all RBR logo submissions. Officially, the deadline for the contest will be at 10:00 p.m. this Friday night (10/09), so there are basically five days left.

Of the previous thread, we received several quality submissions, including but not limited to the following:






It goes without saying that we thank everyone for their submissions thus far, and we hope to see even more in the next few days. If you have a design or a tweak that you would like to suggest, simply respond in the comments here.

As a general rule, anything you can think of is fair game. We're not necessarily beholden to one particular design over another, and we're open for anything. For the most part, there are only two hard-fast rules in this contest. One, your submission does need to at least somewhat prominently showcase either "Roll'BamaRoll" or "RBR." Remember, whichever design we choose must ultimately be approved by corporate, and SB Nation may be a bit hesitant to approve something that downplays the name of the blog itself. The second rule is one regarding intellectual property. Lawsuits ain't no fun, folks, plain and simple, so your submission should not have any copyrighted images, logos, trademarks, etc., and you need to make sure you own the rights to whatever your are submitting (i.e. it's either your own work product or you attained the rights from someone else).

Once the deadline passes, what we plan to do is this: We're going to take a group vote, and the submission with the most votes becomes the new logo at RBR. Now, we want you readers to get a voice in this too, so on next Monday we are going to start a poll here at RBR consisting of the best submissions. The winner of the RBR reader poll will then receive one vote in the group vote. In the group vote, each author of RBR will receive one vote -- myself, Todd, Nico, Kleph, and Pete -- and then one vote will go to the winner of the RBR reader poll. That creates a total of six votes, and the submission with the most votes will be the next logo at RBR. It's that simple. Hopefully in the next 10-12 days we will officially have a winner.

So, go ahead and post your final submissions and suggestions, and once again thanks for everyone's participation.