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Monday Morning Required Reading


So MMRR is a little late this morning. It seems I misplaced it in this mountain of paperwork on the desk. I keep meaning to tidy things up a bit but whenever I get started I get busy doing something else ("Hey! My old Mattel Electronic Football game! Lets see if I can still run that killer end around!) Anyway, here ya go - better late than never:

The Duodecimal system: TideSports looks at Crimson Tide quarterbacks and the No. 12.

It's all part of his devious plan: And the poor-mouthing begins in Oxford.

If you can't rock harder than the Barn, you might want to consider not rocking at all: Seems the rain delay of the Auburn West Virgina game last month also delayed a heavy metal show.

But he clearly underestimated the sexy associated with winning a National Championship: A former Ole Miss player explains why he turned down a chance to play for Coach Bryant in the 70s.

Maybe what they need is a sippy cup: It seems Vols fans are starting to split into either the glass is half full camp or the glass is half empty camp.

If you can't beat them, cheat: Third Saturday in Blogtober notes that chop blocking continues to be in fashion on the Plains. At least Arkansas keeps the technique legal when they are trying to deliberately injure their opponents.

That and a Heisman Trophy-winning QB will get you a cup of coffee: It seems the key to building your swagger levels is lots and lots of Spongebob Squarepants.

Don't let the Saturday Evening Post find out about this: Seems Kevin Steele, Alabama's former defensive coordinator and current DC at Clemson keeps in regular phone contact with LSU's defensive coordinator John Chavis.

The Ballad of Bama-Binos: You mean the Greeks will use their leverage on campus in petty ways at the expense of everyone else? That's unpossible.