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Five College Football Games to Watch: Week 6

I can't say I'm super excited by many games this week. Sure, there are conference match ups that should be exciting based on the names of those schools participating, but that probably won't be terribly great games (I'm looking at you Georgia and Tennessee.) Some games are begrudgingly added to the list because there just isn't a ton on this week and I at least want to scout out future foes vs. past foes. You know it's kind of a crappy week for games when Baylor at Oklahoma is on ABC at 2:30. With that being said, I bring you the 5 non-Bama games of the week that you should watch. I'm not even sure I should've bothered with a poll this week since we all know which game's going to win by a landslide.


Thursday, October 8th - 8:00 pm - ESPN

Thursday nights are back on the list this week after an off week last week. Here we have a Big XII North showdown between two ranked teams. This game will have serious implications for who gets decapitated later in the year by Texas in the Big XII Championship Game. It's the first conference game for either squad. Nebraska comes in at 3-1, and is only narrowly not 4-0 thanks to a long bomb from Tyrod Taylor that set up a score for VT to steal the game late. The Cornhuskers' wins have come over Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic and Louisiana-Lafayette. Missouri is one of the remaining undefeateds in the land with wins over Illinois, Bowling Green, Furman and Nevada. Missouri decimated Nebraska in their last meeting 52-17.

Saturday, October 10th - 11:00 am - ESPN

Auburn aims to continue their undefeated season against schizo Arkansas. After a two game skid that included losing a shootout with Georgia and getting pummeled by us two weeks ago, Arky bounced back last weekend to soundly whip Texas A&M 47-19. Mallett threw for 271 yards and 4 TDs against the Aggies, but who knows what he'll do against Auburn? My guess is probably not much. Auburn continued their rolling up a massive amount of yardage last week when they visited Tennessee. The Tigers posted 459 yards of total offense on the Vols (roughly split 50/50 between passing and rushing.) Oddly enough though, the Tigers gave up 400+ yards to the anemic Tennessee offense and carries the distinction of giving up more yardage to Tennessee than anyone not called Western Kentucky. It could be a shootout, or it could be an Auburn track meet if Arkansas can't get anything going on offense.

Saturday, October 10th - 2:30 pm - ABC/ESPN

So much for my saying no more Big 10 games would appear on the list. That didn't even last a week. This game doesn't really do anything for me, but I defy you to find something more compelling on this list (at least trying to be objective about the national picture and/or conference race shaping games and not just being an SEC homer.) The Buckeyes are at least ranked in the Top 10 and Wisconsin comes in at #26 if you extend out the "others receiving votes" list (they are #25 in the USA Today poll.) So, there you go, an almost Top 25 match up.

FLORIDA (1) at LSU (4)
Saturday, October 10th - 7:00 pm - CBS

Needless to say, this is the game of the week. Also needless to say, there's tons of speculation swirling about whether or not Tim Tebow will play. As of right now, Gators coach Urban Meyer said it'll be a game time descision. I can only hope the right decision regarding Tebow's health and safety will be taken and hopefully we'll not have anyone (Tebow included) being short sighted because this is a big game. Anyway, with this game, one of the remaining undefeateds will fall. I just assume that be LSU since no one in the East looks capable of knocking off Florida. Might as well cheer for our road to Atlanta to be easier. LSU has squeaked by in a couple of close contests this year, some of them less than stellar competition (Mississippi State.) The Tigers will have to be firing on all cylinders to win this one whether Tebow is on the field or not.

Saturday, October 10th - 7:00 pm - ABC


Not only did I not make it a week without a Big 10 game since I said what I said, but I included TWO Big 10 games this week for those of you that can't get enough of narcotic free insomnia cures (if we're lucky we'll be treated to a list of Big 10 teams that have beaten SEC teams in bowl games recently in the comments.) Much like the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State game, this match up features a ranked team and an almost(ish) ranked team (Michigan comes in at #31 when you extend out the "others receiving votes" category.) It doesn't do a lot for me personally, but Iowa is undefeated and knocking on the door of the Top 10. A Michigan win gets them back in the Top 25. Kyle has a hilarious take on this game and Big 10 rivalries here.