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Mark Ingram Approaching Single Season Rushing Record

With Mark Ingram having such a standout year, perhaps it should come as no real surprise that he is indeed closing in on Alabama's all-time single season rushing record. The following is a quick grab from the media guide showing the rushing record list as it stood coming into this season:


As of right now, Ingram currently has 1,297 yards, putting him a mere 174 yards away from the single season rushing record. With four games remaining in the season, and Ingram averaging right around 130 yards per game to date, it's really a question of when, not if, he will be break the record. As it currently stands, it seems only a major injury could keep him from re-writing the record books.

Again, the real question is when. I imagine that he could do it this weekend against Tennessee-Chattanooga, but that's probably a bit unlikely unless he has a couple of really big runs early. We ought to beat the Mocs with ease and we'll get Ingram out as soon as realistically possible. I imagine, then, that the smart money is on Ingram getting fairly close to the record after the Chattanooga game with him likely breaking it in the Iron Bowl.