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It's Meltdown Time...

Another week goes by, and another round of meltdowns explode across the Internet. You would think at some point fan bases would just become immune, but it just doesn't seem to happen that way. When there's a loss, there's a meltdown. You can bank on it like the sun rising in the morning.

This week we've got some great material from Auburn, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, and Miami. All six took it on the chin this past weekend and, well, let's just say that none of the six took it particularly well. As usual, we've got it all this week... abortions, dikes, snipers, toilet bowls, group boycotts, Fear the Thumb, Daniel Moore speculations, the Detroit Lions, bribing officials, Krusty the Clown, Wild Turkey, Hormel Spam... You name it, and we've got it. Of course, the language gets very rough, so once again consider yourself warned.

And without further adieu, it's meltdown time...


ALL the recruiting in the world won't fix this. We have the worst coached defense in the conference and it looks like we still love going into Tubershell when we get up by more than 10 points. I blame the coaches totally for this loss!

I am seriously starting to question the intelligence of Auburn fans.  

wrong !!!! that excuse is wearing thin....i didn't see tubs anywhere tonight.....we'd be better if the players coached themselves

This game was lost by poor QB execution and poor defensive play.  If any coach needs to be blamed, it's Ted Roof.  You can also blame Chizik for hiring him.


Ben Tate was right. He is the best back in the state -- his home state of Maryland

What sucks is us losing by 28 to Bama and then going to a shi$ bowl and losing to a shi$ team. So, we lose 3 straight to end the season ending 7-6. This may very well hurt the guys actually signing in February. A verbal commitment doesn't mean anything if we look like shi$ and the kids change their mind and go elsewhere.
I HOPE this doesn't happen. GOD get us out of the college football toilet.

And, yes, Todd takes too many sacks and, if pressured, makes TERRIBLE decisions. And of course the O-line is weak. And Ziemba just may be retarded.

Who truly believes we have a chance against Bama?

Bama 41 Auburn 20

More like 45-13. Bammers D is the best I have seen in many years.

Zero chance of winning this game.  The score will be 14-3 at the half with a final of 42-3.

I really don't think most of this board realizes the differences in talent on these 2 teams.  Alabama has 5 star players on their D that never play.

After watching the UGA defense blow through our O line last night, I have two words for you - Mount Cody.

Bottom line... this was a devastating loss.

I think Bammer beats Florida by two touchdowns or more.

we're gonna get killed.

it will be ugly..ingram may run for 300 on our d..

I am so furious with this entire team from Jay Jacobs and the PTB to the ball boy!!!!!!!!!!

Ted  Roof was a loser at Minnesota and is a loser now. What an idiotic hire by Chiznik

How Bad Does Bama Beat Us?

It'll be similar to last year.

20-28 points

It will be something like 41-14 flushed

Ingram will rush for over 200. And whoever their backup is (Richardson?) will have 100.

About as bad as they want to, which will be really bad.


Alabama 63

Auburn    10

'bout like last year.....30 - 36 points....

Depends on how cute they get. If they work on their passing game, maybe by only 31. If they run up the middle with ingram and Richardson, then maybe by 45.
Hate to say it, but I think they can pretty much name their score.

Just look up the 1948 Iron Bowl for how bad they beat us . . . . banghead

we will need to knock out Ingram, Julio and their o and d lines just to make it even.

38-3.  Easy.

 48-3  if they play hard.

I hate the friggin' IB.

And all the while their devil coach stands on the sidelines and grins like a possum

I'm told this year's Auburn defense has already allowed more points than any defense in Auburn history. And that the Tigers are dead last in the SEC in points allowed per game. Can anyone confirm this?

If it's true Shug Jordan must be rolling over in his grave!

What is Ziemba's career false start total?

I might go huntin during the bama game Id rather see a deer get killed than us.

Todd will come out and throw for 5 touchdowns against uat, but they will all be interceptions run back.

Please God, is there anything positive we can pull from this debacle?

Trott is one game closer to graduating.

Todd only has two games left at Auburn.

Willie Martinez will be sending a thank you note. We just saved his job.

Auburn Football:  Good for what ailes the slumping opposing football team

It's over!  Bama's going to kill us.

I'm going to throw up now.

I'm gonna go drink heavily now

Strap up your jock straps. BAMA is going to stem roll the non-existent Auburn Offensive Line.

I’ve never seen poorer run or pass blocking.

that offensive line sucks! Is leigh zeimba the most over hyped player in the history of college sports?

The worst UGA team in a decade without their best player spotted us 14 points and we still lose. No excuses for this effort.

Will you watch the Iron Bowl this year?

I'll watch, but I fully expect to get blown out.
The only reason I'm not watching it this year for the first time in my life is that I don't believe Auburn will be allowed to even if lightening should strike twice (1989, 2009), I don't think the SEC will let that game play out naturally.

SHREVEPORT HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this defense couldn't stop a girl's volleyball team

You think posts this week are bad? Wait two weeks

Bama will be working on their plans for Florida when they play us. By the way, Iowa State won today.

What happened?

chizik is what happened

Spare me the crap about beating bama. It's not gonna happen. Not a chance.

I cannot wait for this year to be over.

Prego wife + AU loss = miserable night

It ain't easy being an AUBURN fan...

How many Busch Light's or Natty Ice's Tonight?

Iron Bowl might be ugly, really ugly (like last year ugly).

Mark Richt should send us a cut from his paycheck, this isn't the first time we've saved a season for him.

Malzahn was the problem

This is unbelievable! Todd and Malzahn lost this game on offense.
The play calling was horindous.

For all the lovers of camp babies and 3-star studs, this is what you get.

I know it's black helicopters, but sometimes I think this was CTTs plan.

Four straight losses to a reeling UGA program... I'm going to puke.

Reckon Richt will wear a Fear The Thumb t shirt?

Get ready for another Daniel Moore masterpiece

It'll probably have something to do with Ingram winning the Heisman with his perforamnce...maybe a Desmond Howard like pose by Ingram with our student section in the background?



Fuck McCluster
Fuck our guys for talking crap when they're in the middle of the worst rushing defensive effort in school history.
it's kind of embarrassing to lose to ONE person on offense. the rest of the rebels offense did next to nothing. embarrassing.
The whole week was stragely like Fulmer was still at the helm with the arrests and big S.E.C. blowout loss.

Berry played poorly. He will not get the record. Maybe he is saving himself for the draft.

I think EB is starting to see the $$ signs.

Et tu, Eric?

Monte really has no clue how to stop spread offenses

Monte's time has passed; we need a new DC

UT is Nashville bound!!!!!!

we should have worn black pants

Sullins twins, worst OL in the SEC???

Fuck my life

I think Monte took a week off and Willie Martinez is coaching the D

This is NOT the team that went to Tuscaloosa

Epic fail of a football day

There was our UL-Monroe game

Why does Tennessee even have a friggin football program?

That was a real McClusterfuck today

Is McCluster still running?

Monte is looking like a chump right now

The worst game we have ever had

I didn't wear my lucky underwear.

Daniel Lincoln is probly the worst kicker i've seen too. My 12 yr old brother has more height on his kicks and i'm not jokiing
A total team collapse. Seems clear to me that this week's nightmare was a big factor.
Kentucky runs the wildcat! Oh no!!
Been a fan since '68 and this seriously may be the worst week for Tennessee football that I can remember.

With this example of how not to be ready for a team, the kiff clan need to donate thier paychecks this week to Nukees' bail and lawyer fund! This is the worse game I have ever seen TN play in my life...

Came across the obits in the Knox News today an all I could think was "lucky fuckers"





I am done with this staff. UM dead last in the Big Ten. Bo has rolled over

thankfully this season is almost over

we really only gained 3 yards in the 4th???!!!!

What happens at one job means nothing at the next.

Michigan has no hope of beating Ohio St. We are the WORST team in the Big 10. If it weren't for lousy officiating in the Indiana game, Michigan would be 0-8 in the league.

Tulane might welcome rich rod back. We can take a collection for his bus fare

For 40 years, I watched or listened to Michigan football, and EXPECTED TO WIN! When we lossed, I was a crancky pain in the ass. Now? I expect to lose, and it barely causes any pain. Never thought it would come to this.
It's becoming like being a Lions fan
I'm happy we're not going to a bowl game.

I say, OSU 48, 0.

This team has not improved at all from last year.  The only difference in the records is that UM played 3 teams that dont even belong in college football.

They are worse than the Lions.

MOST POINTS ever scored by Wisky on Michigan. Thanks RR!!!!

Deal with it people, we're irrelevant. Have been for a couple of years now, and will be for several more. Nothing seen this year to change that. We're coasting on name brand and that's it. We're playing at the level of the Iowa States and Washington States of the world.



Weis should be fired or resign tomorrow.  I see no reason for the "evaluated at the end of the season schtick" at this point.

ESPN is reporting ND would be on the hook for 18 million over the next 6 years.  Should have gone into coaching!!

lets pray to god charlie resigns tonight.
Charlie Weis is a fat piece of……well, you all know. For christ’s sake can we get a coach that IS in shape??? How can you respect someone that doesn’t even have respect for their own body. Shame on Charlie Weis and shame on Notre Dame for forking out millions of dollars a year to have him as their coach. Hell, we can’t even beat Navy anymore. They beat us 2 out of the last 3 years. Shame on Notre Dame. I’m seriously thinking of rooting for a good school like Penn State. Go Nittany Lions!

This is pathetic.

Let`s move on....start the search for new leadership....NOW!!
I am not watching another ND game, until Weis is gone.
Next ND game I watch will be coached by a competent coach, or I am done watching, after 43 years....
Could be worse...easly could be 2-8..

The fact is he is not a head coach -- he has been pathetic the last three years.

With 5000 male students on campus do you think ND could find one kid who can punt a football over 40 yards?

Pull out the dollars, even the Benjamins ...  any officials that inept must be corrupt. Time to bribe 'em.

I think we can all agree that the recruiting services for ND are too high

Do it now! Fire the whole staff before they even get on the freaking bus.

The collective body language of this team is an absolute embarassment.

ND is not an elite football program and hasn't been for quite a while now

How many will Stanford hang on us?

63 sounds right to me. I'd say at least 50.

At least 70????

50 sounds about right

Charlie is horrible -- we will lose out


Sorry Gator Bowl, your too good for us


He is a dead man walking...the team knows it and has packed it in...

Thats it, Fire him TONIGHT!!

The punter should have his scholarship revoked, seriously. I have never attacked a player but this guy is the worst starting player that I have ever seen at ND.

He may be the worst d 1 player in the country. Its kind of funny how much they practice and he still cant punt.

For all his love of ND, Charlie may well have killed ND as a football power.

I don't think that it's going to get any worse, unless they hire Krusty the Clown as head coach.

but what do I know, I am resorting to Wild Turkey and Kahlua just to get through the Pitt game at the moment...

Which loss is worse? Michigan or Navy?

THIS IS UTTERLY EMBARRASSING!!! I  can't take this anymore. I will no longer watch ND until Weis is gone!!!!

Look at the good side, at least we aren't being manhandled by Navy this week.

I have seen better tackling at Pee-Wee football games than what I see.

Fire everyone! Including the Leprechaun guy. ALL of them!!!!!!

Can we release the defense from their scholarships and sign a 50 man recruiting class?


AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAD IT. WEIS HAS TO GO TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS MESSAGE SHOULD HAVE SOME SIGNIFICANCE!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are not who we thought we were!

We have to much talented players for SC to get it's ASS KICKED at HOME LIKE THIS!

We need a change!

Hey, at least we had a great tailgate...

When did USC Peak and Start Coming Down?

It was a slow decline but now we have fallen off a cliff.

Mark Sanchez made the right choice

Hackett... never had a loss that bad... something to think about

The SC football program has gone over the cliff and Pete Carroll is the only one to blame.

These coaches HATE Joe McKnight. The absolutely HATE HIM! If I was Joe Mcknight I would beat the shyt out of Jeremy Bates then stuff his head down a crap filled toilet.

This idiot is the absolute WORST coach usc has EVER had in ANY compacity

Go to hell Jeremy Bates!

Given the talent disrepancy between the 2001 and 2009 teams, I say 2009 has been the worst year of the PC era.

Look at the staff and you'll see why top talent is shunning SC and why we are where we are despite all these "top" recruiting classes. I said years ago that Pete was dragging the program down the backside of the curve. We are there now. Good news, though. Tickets will be readily available and affordable. Less traffic, too. Welcome to the Pete Hackett era. Put a fork in it, this program is done until Pete ditches his BS and hires quality coaches for whom kids will play.

Who's going to El Paso?!

Sunshine pumpers? Where are you now? This team has fallen apart. The decline is now in full Florida State/Miami mode. Carroll looks absolutely lost, the team is playing with no heart, no energy, getting absolutely mauled.

Defense is full of chicken shits that are afraid to get physical.

Stanford guys laughing at us! I've seen it all now
This is the low point in the Pete Carroll era. Mark my words, the national media attention will wane, recruiting will suffer - and this very well could be the end of an era. Boos in the Coliseum? Never happened since 2000
the NCAA is ready to provide us the boom with sanctions.
This feels like having a super model girlfriend completely let herself go and fatten up to 200lbs.
Brando has an orgasm reporting USC / Stanford score...

Our LB'ers are complete shit!!!

Hey dumb fuck, this is the worst performance by a USC defense in the entire history of USC football.

Sun Bowl here we come!



Jacory Harris, Spence and all of the so "called" saviours will be JUNIORS next season and we still have yet to compete for an ACC title.  Lets also not forget that the ACC could possibly be the worst conference in college football.

The entire defensive line minus Allen Bailey is garbage.

just go out and PAY GRUDEN THE $$$

get this program back to a better post season " THE HORMEL SPAM BOWL", is Paul Dee still AD? or is the midge just lovin going out to frisco with her girl friends?

WTF? How about winning the Coastal division just ONCE in my lifetime. How about that? Forget about playing for a MNC! Put down the Crown Royal.

Shannon needs to send his wife over to slob on my knob if he wants my support back if he loses to Duke

If you are done with Shannon, post here

I was done last year

i was done after the fiasco bowl

I was done when he was hired

was never with Shannon to begin with, hated the hire and still do.
Done, never liked him, never will. Zero player development.

Never was with Shannon to begin with, he only got the job because better candidates didn't want it.


Right on cue. Team falls apart down the stretch.

Does Holcutt have the guts to pull a Jeremy Foley?

What will it take to ensure that Shannon doesn't return?

Hire a sniper...

Miami's conference record since joining the ACC... That's 23 - 22 in the worst BCS conference around. And to think, this once proud program was the greatest in the land.

Shalala's Dike Ass Could Put More Fight In This Team


Any new nicknames for Jacory yet?

PK 6


Jacory Pryor

Peace out coach Shannon, you put the nail in your coffin

Randy puts the Team on the field.  It is his abortion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy Shannon should go shoot himself like he promised two years ago !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Suck Randy's F ing NUTS you PIECE OF SH*T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUTCH just got off in Rancdy's A $$'S

I hate Randy Shannon now. Eff him. Worst coach in america.

Do you like abortions? I don't, but I just witnessed one!

We are UNC's bitch .... and Clemsons .... and VT's

Welcome to Music City Bowl

how embarassing. UM football is so low right now, we might as well be on probation.

Let's take a knee here. Or bend over. That would be more fitting.

When does baseball season start?