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It's Meltdown Time...

This week in meltdown time we will only take a look at two fan bases. I was expecting big things from Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Michigan, but honestly those three fan bases have largely reached the point of immunity where they think things can't realistically get any worse, so the meltdowns aren't all that great.

Fortunately, Georgia and LSU come through for us in a big way, and oh boy is this week ever a doozy thanks to those two. And speaking of the LSU meltdown... wow. Just wow. I said on Sunday that it was totally justified -- and it is, mind you -- but it's still one of unreal proportions. It may very well be the greatest meltdown ever, and even if not, it's definitely in the running. It seems as though Chernobyl blew up in the middle of Baton Rouge this past Saturday night.

And speaking of the LSU meltdown, we're going to do the Georgia meltdown first and leave it on the frontpage. The LSU meltdown is after the jump and for good reason. Now, the standard warning on language applies even to the Georgia meltdown, but it's even worse for LSU, so consider yourself warned.

Warnings out of the way, it's meltdown time...


FIRE CMR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire Richt! I'm tired of hearing this CATS CATS CATS bullshit in downtown Athens. Fire Richt ASAP!


Welcome to our 6-6 season and our humanitarian bowl bid, good job guys.

we won't be 6-6, you forget we have a shitty bowl game to lose, make it 6-7

Joe Cox is garbage

He quite possibly could go down as the worse Qb ever to play at Georgia
Wonder how many of ours players Are downtown right now gettin "jiggy wit it".... .....ugh! God we suck soooo bad!
Look at the weedeaters falling from the sky!

The only good thing you can say about our coaching staff right now... at least we don't have Les Miles.

Can we decline a bowl bid? We don't even deserve a bus ride to Shreveport.

We probably ought to consider forfeiting the game against GT, decline the bowl bid and bring this horrible season to a merciful end.

I'm not sure my GPS even knows where Shreveport is...

Kentucky has a better record than we do. WOW!!!

Joe Cox is  a worthless human and an even sh8ttier QB. Martinez should be chased out of the stadium w/ picks and torches

Joe Cox is the worst D1 college QB in history....

joe cox is an embarassment

On a positive note, at least the offense did not have many false start penalties.

When I saw the poor job the LSU coaches did at the end of their game today, I thought they were on a par with the UGA coaches in stupidity and being unprepared. After tonight I don't think that anymore, UGA is in a league all to themselves.

Glad to see them be gone after the Tech game. The worst group of seniors I can remember.

joe cox..i know it may be confusing, but we still wear red (not


Dear God, please help Richt fire Martinez.

I hate never hated an UGA team, but I honestly hate this team and this staff.

This program is all but dead.  players have quit on coaches and worse on each other...

After the Tech blowout, we have no reason to accept a bowl bid.

Honestly, fire everyone.

Feeling like absolute shit after another UGA game!

I think the Joe Cox experiment can finally be called a miserable failure.

GA is not going to improve unless dramatic changes are made.

How in the fuck do you outgain a team by 227 yards AND LOSE TO KENTUCKY AT HOME!?!?!?!

OMG what a meltdown!

I miss you AJ Green

Competent?? Did that asshole just use competent and Georgia in the same sentence?

Are we betting on the games? What else can explain this?

Well Shit on me!!!

Georgia Tech will grind this team up into a fine powder and snort them like an eight-ball.

2. The number of times Mark Richt has lost to Kentucky and beaten Florida. Do you realize Kentucky beats us as often as we beat Florida? That’s the state of our football program.



I must of been Jack the Ripper in my former life because nobody deserves the Shitty karma I have right now.

Nothing changes unless the money is effected. Have some balls and do the right thing.....Boycott the Arkansas game

Wrong thing to do. Go and Chant Fire Les the entire game. Make your voice heard!

get the torches and pitchforks

Fire THAT Sucker Tonight !!!!!!!!

Face it our coach is an idiot at game situations and should be fired on the spot.this is the worst coaching I have ever seen in my life.The players deserve better and the fans.Fire Les MILES now.

goddamn it just broke my chandalier (sp?)

damn now i'm bleeding thanks les.

I'm totally drained of about a good 1/3 cup of blood and mentally drained. Gotta clean this glass up before the wife and kids get home.

Les ouht to be bleeding from the goddamn asshole tonight

Give me a broom and a closet and I'll make it happen!

We are now the laughing stock of the NATION!!!

We've been the laughing stock of the SEC for a while this season... only now are most LSU koolaid drinkers starting to realize it.

NO... we are the laughing stock of the NATION, all divisions, all classes. That just happened on NATIONAL TV in HD.

My poor 11 month old... she's scared of me now.

What did you destroy or who did you startle with your sudden outburst to the last series of the Ole Miss Game. I am sorry to say my glass ceiling fan had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

My son ran outside,in the rain.

i made my 6-year-old daughter cry

My best friend almost kicked me out of the bar he manages.

And I have not had an ounce of alcohol today.

Not a drop.

pretty sure my kids lost any shred of reverence the had for me.

My wife just came in from outside. The neighbor (Big LSU fan) across the street was just hauled off in an ambulance!

the wife's not speaking to me right now. Probably not getting laid for about a month

One dog ran into the other room and the other one peed on the floor.

I'm having serious Hallman/Dinardo flashbacks.

Are coaches required to take drug tests?

If Miles is back I will not attend/watch a game. This is negligence!

Les Miles lost his team tonight. Arkansas is going to roll LSU next week, kids. Prepare yourselves now.



When was the last time LSU beat Houston Nutt?

When Saban left, he recommended Nutt to Skip.

My 2 year old just said Les Miles SUCKS!!!

Les just lost me. That is all.

This is the worst loss I've ever experienced

LES < Croom. I said this early in the season and got ripped. Wonder if I'll get ripped now

Name 1 Dumber Coach than Miles

All due respect and thanks to Miles, but there is no cure for Stupid.

I never would have thought I'd see a coach with a lower IQ than Forrest Gump...

Fire Miles NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the radio caller just now. He just asked if coaches were eligible for drug screening and he was cut off!

What did you break after the game?

For those of you who might rage like i do after the did you take it out? I threw my remote at a mirror and shattered it and my remote... shards flew at nearby friends

My plasma TV didn't make it

I'd sell my soul for Saban

BOYCOTT attending Tiger Stadium

I can not sleep. I feel like I did when an old boyfriend cheated on me.

I say show up for the Seniors. After they present the Seniors, everyone walk the F*CK out of the stadium after starting a Fire Miles chant.

had this happened to Saban we would have seen the 1st ever spontaneous cranial explosion on the sidelines. his head would have simply exploded...

Les Miles will never recover from this loss at LSU...

he has no coaching credibility from this night on.

It appears he pretty much lost the fan base today.

Will you be embarrassed to wear your LSU gear?

Name another SEC head coach that loses that game? Les Miles' coaching today makes me want to vomit. How is someone that bad and is getting paid that much to do their job?

Name another coach in 4A HS that looses that game.

Most poorly coached game since Hallman years...

we are stuck in the WORST CONTRACT IN SPORTS!!!

I was balled up in the fetal position in the shower trying to wash it away.

God, I miss Nick.

We are definitely going to be fodder for RBR's weekly meltdown thread.

More embarrassing of the two... Having the KKK rally on your campus, or Les Miles and company coaching debacle?

FIRE HIM - No Buyout - Make Him Sue. It's state jurisdiction. Take our chances w/ an LSU fan for judge. Then enter into evidence the final drive to this game

Just got home from oxford. I will not go to another game with Miles there.

Yeah... we can compare it to Pearl Harbor and 911.

Tonight marks the end of LSU football as we've come to know it. The slide is in full effect.

Tonight was the beginning of the end for Miles...he's lost the team and the fans. It's over for him. All that's left is the excruciating year or two of waiting for the inevitable while the wheels just come completely off. Goodbye Les.

It was fun while it lasted... what this team has done this decade was sure fun to watch, but the ride is over and it looks like we will fall back to the middle of the pack in the SEC. I guess we are headed back to hoping for 8 win seasons and the Independence Bowl. What a ride it has been...I will miss being an elite program, but I'm glad we got a taste of it nonetheless.

Its safe to say Arkansas is going to be a loss.

Why would any recruits want to play for Miles?

Does Miles ever make sense to anyone?

I don't know if I'll ever get over tonight until the announcement is made that Miles is gone.

Les ruined his career tonight, IMHO. He may have a multi-million dollar contract, but after that he will be lucky to find a job as a position coach. He got exposed tonight. He was totally unprepared and incompetent at a crucial moment in front of a national audience. He has lost respect from the college football world.

we are 7-9 over the last 16 games... Bama is 16-0... if you don't think we are done as an elite program, wake up and smell the coffee my friend

Now it's our turn to watch Alabama dominate for the next 8 years.

The Les Miles Death Watch has begun.

Les Miles hates clock management. I am convinced of that. He wants no part of it. It hurts his brain to think about it.

Call me a bad fan/alumnus or whatever, but I just can't bring myself to pull for the Tigers to win anymore after tonight. Every victory helps pad that mfer's pocketbook. I will hope for us to lose 6-7 next year for him to be gone.

We're Patrick Peterson away from 5 losses or more.

Fuck Patrick Peterson. He's a great player but doesn't give two shits about the team. He's the ultimate I-player. He's great in one-on-one, but no clue on how to properly play his role within a system.

This is a day that will live in infamy...

This may well go down as the poorest game and clock management exhibition in college football history.

7 and fucking 8 since the Nick Saban Coat Tails Express vanished

I think even Rogers Redding is more popular than Les Miles with LSU fans right now.

Do you reallythink LSU has a chance? Alabama is only getting started with their renewed dynasty.

We have no chance against Bama or Florida next year.

This is like the Kennedy assassination

He said he didn't say to spike it, but then there's video of him telling Jefferson to spike the ball.

I thought he was just fucking stupid. I didn't know he was a goddamn chickenshit coward and a liar too.

I take it back Les just proved what T. Boone has been saying....He is the dumbest coach out there. He has been getting by on Saban's left overs. I'm just sick. Send him to Michigan, I'll pay for the move.

At this moment, I would trade him straight up for Rich Rodriguez.

People comparing Miles to Coker... this is not a good comparison. Coker was twice as good a coach than Miles ever was. He couldnt recruit. That was his downfall. Coker won an undefeated NC and got robbed out of another. He made it to two NC games undefeated and should have won both. Miles has never done that and never will

I wish we had Saban back.....

You people who think Michigan will take this twerp off our hands are fucking delusional. They'll give RR a contract extension before they'd even consider Miles.

Yeah, Michigan is going to fire RichRod for Miles. About like LSU going to fire Archer to hire Curly. Oh wait...

Miles Will Never Be Forgiven For This

I miss Nick Saban

Amen brother..I saw him in blind side tonight and I clapped

Miles = Mike Shula

He's either a drunk, an inbred, and maybe even both.

Who is renting the U-Haul and who is planting the For Sale sign?

It will be done eventually, so it MUST be done now. Fire Miles.

I sold my tickets this afternoon & will not watch on TV - Hogs will win by 10+

I think Alem's going to kick a 65-yard field goal after getting a sack on 3rd and 28 next week.

I wish we had NEVER won a BCS champ

Houston Nutt is our daddy

Deer in the headlights...

I'm climbing up onto the ledge and jumping off too.

I did not enjoy the dinner served aboard the Titanic this evening.

Les the Liar isn't being honest about what happened at the end, and the goddamn video proves it. Alleva ought to waterboard that fucker and get the truth out.