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The Beautiful Symmetry of Roy Upchurch

With just 1:24 left in the game yesterday and Alabama on the 4-yard-line, Coach Saban made a last-second change of the play. Instead of the expected run, he dialed up a play-action pass which Greg McElroy easily put in the waiting hands of Senior running back Roy Upchurch. It proved to be not only the go-ahead points but the decisive score in the game.

And as the final touchdown of the Crimson Tide's undefeated 2009 regular season, it was also supremely fitting. If you recall, the season began way back on Sept. 5 in Atlanta against Virginia Tech. With 3:09 left in the second quarter, Upchurch ran for 19 yards and plowed over a Hokie defender to for a score - the very first touchdown of the 2009 campaign.